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Wow. It’s been a while.

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Jeez, has it really been since October that I last posted here?

We only had a few entries for the Halloween tag contest. I picked a winner and e-mailed them. There was no response and so I had to eat the rest of our Halloween candy. Oh well. (I don’t even remember who I chose, so just go read ‘em all.)

People continue to write to ask “Where’s my sentence?” Sometimes, they even submit sentences about it. In addition to my original list, let me add two more things that will keep your sentence from being published:

  • No tags. If you don’t use tags, it means that I have to read your sentence and add some by hand. This costs me time and I will usually bypass entries with no tags for that reason. I won’t necessarily disapprove them, but they tend to sit in the queue for a very long time. If you don’t understand the concept of tags, just think “keywords.”
  • Poor punctuation. Please capitalize properly. Don’t be lazy.

It still amazes me that people submit multiple-sentence stories. You’d think the name of the site might tip people off, but you’d be wrong. And please, please try to tie your sentence into a real-life story. Straight confessionals are more appropriate for PostSecret. I don’t want One Sentence to become “PostSecret for People Too Lazy to Make a postcard,” you know?

Anyway, thanks for all the submissions. There have been some real gems, so keep ‘em coming. I’m definitely being more selective now, so make sure that you take a few extra seconds when composing your sentence.