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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Last week, I quietly unveiled a new feature I’d been meaning to implement for a while: a new “Popular” page. Now, the “Popular” page shows the 25 most popular entries posted in the last 30 days. This is much more interesting than the previous incarnation of the page, which just showed the top 50 entries of all time (and, thus, rarely changed).

Of course, the old page is still around, if you’re interested.

I’m finally getting around to revisiting some of the unapproved entries from early in the site’s life. So, each day when I approve entries, there’s a nice mixture of new ones and ones that had been sitting patiently, waiting for the thumbs up.

Lastly, a couple of nice incoming links:

  • It was nice to get a mention from the ever-popular Grammar Girl (man, she’d have a field day with some of the entries I’ve seen!)
  • Over on Seasonal Plume, she picks out a few of her favorite sentences