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More linkage

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

A few more interesting incoming links worth mentioning:

There have been a lot of others, too. The traffic this month doubled our previous best by mid-month. Crazy.

I’ve been Dooced

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Well, not really, because I still have my job. But The Mighty Dooce did send a fair amount traffic One Sentence’s way yesterday via a link in her sideblog. That also resulted in some time on‘ “popular” page. Nice.

While some bookmarkers “doubt the veracity of [the stories'] author(s)” or “think it would work better as a magizine [sic] column than as a website,” one comment really made my day: “ meets Twitter: one-sentence long true stories. This is the kind of thing that reminds why I work on the Web.” Thanks, Jeremy.

55Friday is featuring their own collection of single, true sentences today. Check them out.

Thanks to everyone else that’s been linking 1S up on their sites, Livejournals, MySpace blogs, etc. Keep the content coming and feel free to drop me a line to say hi or offer any suggestions.