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1S’s 1st Anniversary

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

August 9th marked One Sentence’s first anniversary. The year has flown by and it frightens me to think how much has happened in that time.

Of course, here I am ten days late in noting this anniversary. What was I doing on the 9th? Apparently nothing — I didn’t publish any sentences that day, nor did I post the blog. It’s been a busy month!

One other thing that you may have noticed is that there’s a new One Sentence project under way, the One Sentence book! This cute l’il square tome will collect 300 of the best sentences from One Sentence’s first thousand sentences. I’m currently in the process of picking through the sentences (not an easy job!) and putting the book together. I’m shooting to have the book available by December 1st so you can have copies for yourself, friends, and family in time for the holidays. Keep an eye on the blog or the book page for updates as they’re available. I’m really excited to get this project going and I hope you’re looking forward to the end product as much as I am.

Have a good week, folks.