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My Giraffe Rag In One Hand

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Sometimes submissions come in that I just need to share, even if I explicitly disapprove them.  The other day I got a submission that failed on two levels.  First, it was written in Spanish.  I have no problems with Spanish, of course, but given that all of the stories here are in English, a Spanish submission would be better suited for a site that is run by, say, someone who knows the language.

Secondly, the story had multiple sentences.  One of the several day that I get like that.

Yet, something compelled me to run the submission through Google Translate.  And that, friends, is what I want to share with you:

When I was 6 years, my father drove me home to put my boots on your fish tank water. With teary eyes waited 5 minutes in front of the door with my giraffe rag in one hand and a picture of my mother and giraffe in the other. I never even went to watch their fish, until yesterday, smoking reefer in the living room carpet was on fire …

Now I kinda’ wish I had approved it…

1S: 2009 Bloggie Finalist (Vote now!)

Monday, January 26th, 2009


This is pretty cool: One Sentence is a finalist for a 2009 Bloggie in the new “Best Microblog” category!

Thanks to whoever pushed us through the nomination process… this all came as a very pleasant surprise.  One Sentence is definitely in some good company.

I suppose this means I should stump for some votes, then, huh?  So, should you feel One Sentence is deserving, go here and vote (the page scrolls horizontally).  Voting closes on February 2nd at 10pm EST.