1S: 2009 Bloggie Finalist (Vote now!)


This is pretty cool: One Sentence is a finalist for a 2009 Bloggie in the new “Best Microblog” category!

Thanks to whoever pushed us through the nomination process… this all came as a very pleasant surprise.  One Sentence is definitely in some good company.

I suppose this means I should stump for some votes, then, huh?  So, should you feel One Sentence is deserving, go here and vote (the page scrolls horizontally).  Voting closes on February 2nd at 10pm EST.

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  1. cogitor Says:

    i really don’t know how i found this site, but i’m sure glad i did. i voted for you as soon as i could. this site is brilliant! i don’t feel nearly as alone and crazy as i used to feel. thanks!

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