My Giraffe Rag In One Hand

Sometimes submissions come in that I just need to share, even if I explicitly disapprove them.  The other day I got a submission that failed on two levels.  First, it was written in Spanish.  I have no problems with Spanish, of course, but given that all of the stories here are in English, a Spanish submission would be better suited for a site that is run by, say, someone who knows the language.

Secondly, the story had multiple sentences.  One of the several day that I get like that.

Yet, something compelled me to run the submission through Google Translate.  And that, friends, is what I want to share with you:

When I was 6 years, my father drove me home to put my boots on your fish tank water. With teary eyes waited 5 minutes in front of the door with my giraffe rag in one hand and a picture of my mother and giraffe in the other. I never even went to watch their fish, until yesterday, smoking reefer in the living room carpet was on fire …

Now I kinda’ wish I had approved it…

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  1. WelshPixie Says:

    That’s… inspirational… *wipes a tear from the corner of her eye, with a giraffe rag*

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