I had to laugh when this sentence was submitted today:

I made a site for people to make me rich by submitting one sentence stories for me to publish in a book without sharing any of the revenue.

Just to set it straight for anyone who may be thinking the same thing: it’s been almost three years and there’s no book yet. There may be someday, but there’s not right now. And, trust me, ain’t no one getting rich here.

Plus, if you don’t like the idea of your sentence possibly someday winding up in a book that may be sold: you can either a.) submit your sentence and e-mail me to let me know you don’t want it in a book (as the terms and conditions state) or b.) not submit your sentence here. Those both sound pretty reasonable to me.

14 Responses to “MAKE ME RICH, SUCKERS!”

  1. xgravity23 Says:

    Whatever. I don’t hear of anyone complaining about Frank Warren. You make that book. I will buy it. I love OneSentence.

  2. Emms Says:

    Who is he suggesting you share revenue with? Are we supposed to be being paid for our sentence-long stories?

  3. doug matthews Says:

    What if you split the profits 50/50. 50 for you and 50 split with all others who are included, prorated by the #of words,verbs,ideas, etc.

  4. Victoria Says:

    OneSentence is ill, my friend. I used stumble to find it, now I’m addicted to reading the posts :)

  5. Alyxherself Says:

    What I wonder is silly…but after a year of reading onesentence I have never been approved, despite seeing the same submissions multiple times, I’ve never seen mine. Are you saving some for the book like the guy on post-secret did? Just curious cause that would be awesome.
    I never submitted to post-secret, I really like this site much better, it has kept me company on many a night when I would have otherwise been forced to contemplate (to no avail) my own life :)
    Sometimes it’s all about the process, ya know?

  6. John Says:

    I thought the whole point was that this was a fun project that everyone can enjoy? Whether you make money or not, I come back everyday to enjoy this great site! (ps- since i dont have to pay for the site, its really not a bad deal)

  7. Dennis Says:

    Just discovered this site from a friends recommendation, got to say I love the idea behind this, and will be coming back for more :-) I would buy 2 copies of the book, 1 for me, and one for my friend. Cheers

  8. Dude Says:

    Lets be honest; nobody ever reads the terms and conditions for anything and everyone knows it. If you really wanted to give people the choice you would make them uncheck a box or something more obvious like that.

  9. climb2Nowhere Says:

    I love the idea of you doing this brilliant website and then making it into a book and hopefully getting rich. Seriously, I hope you do! That being’s hysterical that somebody wrote that.

  10. REN Says:


  11. Jay Says:

    And no!!!, it was your idea if you can make money please be rich and Happy, ” is a creative statement”.

    This is also the reason why our entrepreneur has diminished so much in the past 20 years. I or using our own creative instinct, we are only thinking about how we can make a penny out of someone else talents. We complain an abuse the law and democracy, so we can suck up on other people accomplishments.


  12. Kelly Garriott Waite Says:

    Just awarded your site a Versatile Blogger award on my site. Love this place. And I don’t care if you publish that.

  13. ruthy Says:

    I find the comment funny in a sarcastic way, not offensive. You were right to laugh it off. As far as books go, I’d get one for my coffee table – and each of my friends’ coffee tables.

  14. Misspip Says:

    The title of this post made me literally laugh out loud.
    Rock on, sir, rock on.

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