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As luck would have it, there was an empty Gatorade bottle in the car.

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2007-02-28 15:21:11 / Rating: 1018.5 /


How can a 30 second interaction with a stranger last forever in my memory?

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2007-02-27 09:35:32 / Rating: 677.5 /


Counting the words on the Absolut bottle was my mantra as I awaited the arrival of the coroner.

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2007-02-27 09:33:34 / Rating: 604.5 /


I told myself I would hug him next time.

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2007-02-27 09:33:07 / Rating: 637 /


I woke up smiling in our bed today, and realized that I haven't felt so at home since I was at least a couple feet shorter than I am now.

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2007-02-27 09:32:58 / Rating: 452 /

Michael M

I knew I would fall in love and marry my friend's roommate when she let me use her very own toothbrush after my bag had been stolen.

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2007-02-26 16:46:25 / Rating: 347.75 /

call me dave

If I'd have known it was the last thing I was going to say to him, I would've made sure he knew how much of a great mate he was.

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2007-02-23 09:17:24 / Rating: 630.5 /

fallen phoenix

I am pregnant with my husband's child, so I will never get to be with the man who is the mirror of my soul.

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2007-02-23 09:16:49 / Rating: 791.75 /


There was a piece of aluminum foil sitting out on the counter, so I did what anyone else would have done: I made a hat out of it.

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2007-02-23 09:16:19 / Rating: 663.75 /


I didn't expect myself to survive to see the two year anniversary of the day they told me it had been a single bottle of pills that took her away.

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2007-02-23 09:15:51 / Rating: 882.75 /


A reporter came to our school the day after the biggest tragedy we'd ever experienced wanting to interview the traumatized and heartbroken students, so they threw rocks and cans at him and his cameraman.

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2007-02-21 09:46:53 / Rating: 679.75 /


The only reason I felt bad when my dad's girlfriend left him was it meant he was coming back to live with us.

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2007-02-20 15:23:47 / Rating: 710 /


I stood under the stars as a man, and sang a requiem for the boy I had been.

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2007-02-20 15:23:21 / Rating: 677 /


I will always remember from my boyhood the time that I brushed the whiskers out of a dead man's electric razor that I had inherited.

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2007-02-16 16:34:23 / Rating: 653.25 /


When my grandfather died, I didn't cry at the funeral because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop.

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2007-02-16 09:31:29 / Rating: 504.5 /


I started to worry about my future relationships after watching Star Wars: Episode I when I realized that I had a crush on Darth Maul.

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2007-02-16 09:31:13 / Rating: 763.5 /


I had been drifting through a haze of various drugs and forgettable experiences, until one day I woke up and couldn't remember who I was before college.

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2007-02-14 10:38:43 / Rating: 771.75 /

like red on a rose

I was driving to my night class in my beat-up red jeep and the memory of how he held me last night sent a chill down my spine that had nothing to do with being cold.

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2007-02-14 10:38:24 / Rating: 601.5 /


I slid under the crowded corner booth to go to the bathroom, and when I tried sliding back to my spot I started to come up between some girl's legs.

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2007-02-14 10:38:07 / Rating: 418.5 /


I was 16 when I learned my parents weren't immortal.

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2007-02-12 12:36:47 / Rating: 712 /

Janice Colman

I met Garth when I was forty-eight and he was twenty-six, and five months later we moved into our first apartment, a bachelor basement apartment on Nina Street in Toronto.

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2007-02-12 12:36:40 / Rating: 412.5 /


Last night, on our second date, I came to the conclusion that you're the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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2007-02-12 12:35:53 / Rating: 593 /


It's not the fact that i was written up for 'underage alcohol consumption' that bothers me, it's the fact that for once, I hadn't had any at all.

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2007-02-12 12:35:08 / Rating: 629.5 /


I had been traveling for 20 hours when the principal at the school I'd be teaching at picked me up and asked if we could please stop by the pub.

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2007-02-12 12:34:11 / Rating: 425.25 /


After searching for a Gothic Lolita dress for two days and narrowing it down to six choices, my mother decided on another one I liked that I wasn't considering because it was out of the agreed upon price range.

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2007-02-12 12:33:51 / Rating: 497.75 /


The work week seems to be a repeating blip that echoes a nasty scratch on the record of life.

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2007-02-12 12:32:42 / Rating: 997.25 /


He was going to wipe the tear away, but his touch burnt me, especially after I told him my boyfriend hadn't done that for over a month.

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2007-02-12 12:32:22 / Rating: 537.5 /


I tried, once, to tell you to be my boyfriend, but then you asked me, "How?"

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2007-02-12 12:32:12 / Rating: 568.25 /

Girl in English class

I finally admitted to myself that I liked him, but now I am scared that it will never work out.

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2007-02-12 12:32:03 / Rating: 535.5 /


I moved away to college thinking that I wouldn't miss my family, but I really wish I could see them right now.

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2007-02-07 09:56:07 / Rating: 721 /

Chatty Kathy

I hated him for years for being an arrogant bastard and dreamed of killing him, but all my anger just melted away when I learned he was dying for real.

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2007-02-06 15:15:17 / Rating: 661.25 /


While trying to go to the bathroom at the movie theater, I skipped over two stalls without toilet paper and one with pee on the seat before settling on the stall that didn't lock.

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2007-02-05 09:50:06 / Rating: 631.5 /


Given my options for tonight are tending a karaoke party or working on a complex simulation and given I have had to much to drink last night, I choose the third option which is surfing the internet and writing one sentence stories.

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2007-02-01 15:55:33 / Rating: 462.75 /


Instead of listening to my Economics teacher talk about a decrease in the market demand, I am reading this website.

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2007-02-01 09:37:27 / Rating: 503.25 /