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Two days later, I went back to the high school I'd sworn to leave forever.

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2010-02-25 08:07:38 / Rating: 566 /

Know more now

I didn't understand that he asked for six sugars in his coffee because it helped him keep feeling high.

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2010-02-25 08:07:13 / Rating: 327.75 /

Alice Fitzhugh

If it weren't for the accident last night, I wouldn't have the possibility of a photography job for a musician.

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My dad's last note to me was "Always hear the music in your life."

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2010-02-25 08:04:29 / Rating: 804.5 /

She was Annabell

I walked in to my daughters bedroom to wake her up from her nap and saw that she was blue.

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2010-02-25 08:04:01 / Rating: 503.75 /


My grandma was waiting for my dad to take her to the hairdresser, but when he didn't show she went up to his room only to find empty wine bottles, pills, and him dead on the couch.

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2010-02-25 08:03:18 / Rating: 620.75 /

Colin Perini

For 30 years I was an artist and then one day the economy slumped, and now I am a web designer.

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2010-02-25 08:02:45 / Rating: 321.75 /

Farewell Kesiah

As I received the news about her body giving out, her brain unravelling due to dementia, and her heart beating strong, all I could think about was how cute she looked driving her Fiesta at the age of 86.

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2010-02-24 15:29:05 / Rating: 339 /


I should have bought a lottery ticket the day an apartment-complex neighbor with about a 30% overlap in movie tastes got the same movie we did, on the same day.

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2010-02-24 15:28:24 / Rating: 348.75 /


I was laying in bed snuggling with my 6 month old son when my brother called crying hysterically that his wife had just died in a car accident, leaving him a widow with 5 little kids to raise on his own.

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2010-02-24 15:27:56 / Rating: 643.75 /


I stole one of my roommates brownies on my way out the door and arrived at the job interview too stoned to talk.

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2010-02-23 09:57:07 / Rating: 1049.25 /


I came across an old lady laying on the side of the road in the middle of the night and when I approached her she looked up and asked, "Did I win the race?".

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2010-02-17 16:03:50 / Rating: 597.75 /

A blonde moment

Attempting to blow out a candle with Listerine in my mouth was a bad idea.

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2010-02-17 16:01:48 / Rating: 512.25 /

Leah Derby

Hungover and with a cup of coffee shakily held aloft, I did not see the deer grazing on the front lawn when I opened the door for my frantic dog.

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2010-02-17 16:01:15 / Rating: 344.75 /


When I wrote the thank you cards for my wedding I also had to include thank yous for the condolences I received about my mothers passing.

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2010-02-17 15:59:08 / Rating: 277 /


Waking up four hours later in the hospital after I had overdosed on Tylenol, I was so happy to be alive that I thought I was cured.

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2010-02-17 15:58:37 / Rating: 504.75 /


My brother and I talk about everything, except the time our father spent in a mental hospital.

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2010-02-16 13:28:31 / Rating: 517 /


The consequences of my wife opening a bulging can of dog food will remain us forever.

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2010-02-16 13:27:18 / Rating: 375 /


With a name like Marzena, how could she be anything but high maintenance?

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2010-02-12 13:08:38 / Rating: 272.5 /

Not the Only One

He refuses to kiss my lips when another person is in my body.

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2010-02-12 13:07:29 / Rating: 639 /


When the college boy holding a joint knocked on my door and asked a total stranger to kiss him because he had been dared, did he really have the right to have his feelings hurt when I slammed the door?

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2010-02-12 13:06:17 / Rating: 220.75 /


After he died, I thought my grandmother would still love my sisters and me.

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2010-02-09 12:29:20 / Rating: 445.5 /

Minty fresh.

I experienced the concequences of failing to label the tupparware tubs containing both toothpaste and sunblock.

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2010-02-09 12:26:45 / Rating: 439.75 /

Leon Lion

I woke up cramped in the fetal position on my couch, and turned to see my dog and two cats spread out leisurely on my bed.

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2010-02-09 12:25:23 / Rating: 605 /

When English teachers go bad

I used to demand a new world order in flawless iambic pentameter, but now I'd settle for one in sixteen-syllable haiku.

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2010-02-09 12:24:36 / Rating: 520.5 /

Yes I AM the Johnstone!

I really do use this in my Creative Writing class so that my students can be published, even though none of mine ever are.

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2010-02-09 12:24:09 / Rating: 235.25 /

Naked Cookie Monster

I just wanted a cookie from the top shelf that morning in 1979, but ended up with a dislocated knee, a broken arm and a rusty nail through my penis.

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2010-02-09 12:23:55 / Rating: 764.25 /


My ex-wife would freeze up every time she told the story of coming home from church as a child and finding all the dolls she had left lined up in tiny chairs replaced by the dead squirrels that her father had killed that morning.

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2010-02-05 10:20:12 / Rating: 535 /


I wonder what their lives are like now, whether they're happy, and if they ever let themselves remember the night in 1981 when they were drunk and ran that Volkswagen van off the road playing "chicken."

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2010-02-02 12:50:43 / Rating: 680.5 /


At my mother's funeral, my grandparents argued over the type of lettuce they had eaten the night before and I interrupted them by admitting I was pregnant.

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2010-02-02 12:49:54 / Rating: 535.75 /


Thanks to my brother, you'll no longer get detention for having blue hair.

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2010-02-01 11:21:40 / Rating: 616.75 /

One in many

The poor janitor was only trying to do his job, and it was never supposed to include being threatened to be ripped limb from limb by grieving teenagers.

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2010-02-01 11:19:46 / Rating: 563.75 /

Curry Cretin

When my Nepali housemate walked in on me heating up curry from a tin, I seriously considered moving out.

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2010-02-01 11:17:45 / Rating: 303.5 /


That was when I found out that if a bride is having trouble fitting into her wedding dress, you shouldn't casually mention that you've dropped a pants size in the last month without trying.

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2010-02-01 11:17:33 / Rating: 344.25 /

Andy KO King

The only bone I've ever broken is someone else's nose.

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2010-02-01 11:17:03 / Rating: 427 /

Miss Catherine

The doctor said "Your white blood cells are abnormal."

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2010-02-01 11:16:45 / Rating: 285 /


I was verbally and sexually abused, but my ex-boyfriend gave me the lasting issues.

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2010-02-01 11:15:43 / Rating: 358.75 /