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The last thing my grandpa said to me before his death is that his biggest regret in life is being a Buffalo Bills fan.

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It was when my schizophrenic patient gave me a diamond ring for Christmas that I realized my friends were right all those years when they called me "flirty."

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After her surgery she couldn't even speak English anymore, but she still remembered my birthday.

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The shirt I wanted to wear to your funeral went over the cliff in the back seat of your car.

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The last piece of advice that my grandmother ever gave me was, "Don't dip your fries in the ice cream."

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Even though I was an emotional wreck after leaving him at the airport terminal, it really touched my heart to find out that people cried watching us say goodbye to each other before he left for war.

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Theatre people who tell me I'm 'not a real actor' because I've never been in a production have no idea that I never have sex out of character.

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I thought the world had ended when my newly repaired computer returned without my music library.

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Student Pwniess

I think the worst thing about being in nursing school full time and working full time is coming home late at night to find that my roommates made tacos without me.

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I'm racking my brain, trying to think if I've ever given him any indication that it's OK to poop in the backyard.

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I stayed with her every minute while she was unconscious, but the very second she came to all she wanted to know was if the bastard who put her in the CCU was coming to visit her.

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All of life's worries seem meaningless when your child is in danger.

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My grandmother asked me what my favourite part of "Titanic" was when we saw it at the movies when I was 6, and I replied, 'When everyone fell asleep in their floaties.'

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Maggie Rain Macgregor

I find it ironic that out of all my birthdays, number thirteen was by far the worst.

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Inattentive Mother

My ten-month-old son had already called my boss and sent a nonsensical text to a guy I dumped five years ago before I realized the object in his small hand was not one of his Christmas presents.

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When I was a baby, my mother sucked the equivalent of half an ear of corn out of my nose with a bulb syringe.

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Out of all the things I've done in life, teaching my once abused shelter cat how to play might be what I'm the most proud of.

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It was only on the drive home that I realized that the woman I was trying to woo held the handshake just a little too long.

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Peter James Armstrong

When the Mayflower docked at Plymouth Rock, the first woman to step off signed a charter, thus leaving a trail that would eventually lead my grandmother, a genealogist, to discover that this women was the first in our family to step foot in this country.

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When I was 11, my Mom and Dad made me give away the dog I had since I was 4 because we were getting a new couch.

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I listened horrified as my niece described her earthquake survival story then her long nine kilometer walk back home in bare feet, through broken glass, wrecked and flooded streets, carrying her two year old.

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When I was nine I moved to France and was heartbroken to leave the boy I loved behind, but 20 years later he found me on Facebook and now we're married and have two kids.

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ironic, huh?

My therapist thinks I should become a therapist.

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Every time my housemate comes home drunk, I have to convince him that throwing up in the washing machine is a terrible idea.

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