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A CEO's Daughter

I realized something was terribly wrong when I almost sold my virginity to avoid accepting any more of my overbearing father's money.

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2013-04-09 18:56:22 / Rating: 260.25 /


You had already punched me once and I had forgiven you, but when you raised your fist against my little sister you stopped being my father and became a monster.

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2012-02-21 14:41:16 / Rating: 675 /


I told you everything and we cried together on my bedroom floor but the next morning I woke up and found you in the kitchen making him pancakes.

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2012-01-13 10:34:36 / Rating: 440 /

The Daughter

When my mom finally found the courage to divorce him after decades of abuse, we were all alone because our friends and entire family believed his lies instead of my bruises and her depression.

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2011-11-28 20:41:32 / Rating: 440.75 /


I wrote a two-page response to a forum post about abusive parents, and two hours later started crying because I thought I'd heard my mother's voice.

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2011-11-24 21:26:39 / Rating: 291 /

The minister's daughter

When the old lady joked that phone books were best to hit children with becuase they didn't leave a mark, I wanted to tell, she was right, my mother had already tried, I chuckled instead.

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2011-11-02 10:09:47 / Rating: 361 /

We All Know Who

When I asked her why he was out of her league her only response was, "Because I know he won't beat me."

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2011-09-30 09:28:11 / Rating: 527.25 /


Three years ago, I vowed to myself that if my father ever hurt my mom like he had hurt me that morning, I'd kill him.

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2011-02-24 13:13:07 / Rating: 559 /


It took me seven years to realize that when my mother sent me to him, she never wanted me helped, she wanted me drugged.

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2011-02-03 09:09:51 / Rating: 611 /


You know your life has gone completely downhill when you come home from Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and get beat up by your alcoholic husband, and you can't call the cops because Christmas will be ruined forever for your kids.

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2011-01-26 11:51:12 / Rating: 465.75 /


Last night my loving husband, whom I've been with for 6 years and who has never even threatened to lay a finger on me, purposely backhanded me across the mouth.

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2010-10-19 15:17:31 / Rating: 266.75 /


He lost his millions and rots in an Alaskan prison, but he still thinks what he did to me was right.

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2010-07-21 14:29:34 / Rating: 311.75 /


Only the bruises faded.

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2010-04-09 15:14:18 / Rating: 542 /

City Girl

A man was abusing his dog so I stole the dog, got arrested and fought a legal battle, and now every night when the dog jumps in bed with me I know it was worth it.

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2009-12-07 16:50:52 / Rating: 1770 /


The day I finally stopped drinking was when my son showed me the bruises I never knew I gave him.

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2009-11-06 14:29:01 / Rating: 915.5 /


No one would have guessed that the knife they used to cut the wedding cake would be exhibit C in the trail just 10 months later.

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2009-10-06 20:35:17 / Rating: 692.75 /


Five years later, I still have a scar of my husband's entire dental impression from when he bit my abdomen.

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2009-06-23 09:56:06 / Rating: 464 /


May my dearest sister rot in hell for what she did to a 3-year-old boy.

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2009-06-02 13:11:34 / Rating: 705.25 /


I stopped having bruises on my body once I hit my father back in the face.

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2009-05-29 09:18:39 / Rating: 888.75 /


At the age of 12 after a night of particularly heavy discipline, I screamed at my mother that I had called the cops and she told me she might have breast cancer.

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2009-05-08 08:03:06 / Rating: 625.25 /


I said no, and he didn't stop, so I let him do it anyway so he wouldn't get even more aggressive.

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2009-05-01 14:04:22 / Rating: 558 /


Watching my grandfather play with my little cousins, I wondered if my aunt knew that he had molested my mother and their other sister.

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2009-04-27 15:25:28 / Rating: 575.25 /


The past seven days have included alcohol poisoning, acquaintance rape, isolation from my friends, confessions to me about childhood abuse, and lots of cereal for dinner.

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2009-04-03 13:26:24 / Rating: 489.5 /

a beautiful disaster

As my lovebird fluttered and died in my hands, my mother promptly announced, "It was your fault."

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2009-03-27 13:02:18 / Rating: 650.5 /


The three of us laughed together for nearly an hour in a conversation begun by the phrase "Dad got transferred to a mental ward!"

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2009-02-17 13:36:46 / Rating: 682.25 /


I think what bothers me the most is that my mother pretends not to understand why I will never leave my children alone at their house.

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2009-02-12 12:32:54 / Rating: 981 /

Just Mary

I think I will throw up if Facebook doesn't stop suggesting that I friend the teenage boy who rubbed his penis on my 6 year old daughter.

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2009-02-09 14:13:38 / Rating: 654.5 /


Fear and heartbreak clutched at me as they tightened the handcuffs on my wrists and took my baby girl away - because I'd been responsible enough to bring her to the hospital.

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2009-01-22 10:54:35 / Rating: 706 /

Monsieur Rick

That at fourteen she's still afraid of thunderstorms is sad, but the reason why is sadder.

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2009-01-07 11:40:04 / Rating: 503.25 /


For Christmas my husband gave me a broken jaw, bruises and a new life as a single mother.

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2009-01-07 10:13:21 / Rating: 770.25 /


I never really believed my mom's stories of how abusive her childhood was until two days ago when my grandmother pulled me aside and quietly informed me that she wished she had never ever adopted that nasty little irish girl.

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2008-09-11 20:01:57 / Rating: 899.75 /


The day he beat me into unconsciousness was the day I learned to lie to my mom.

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2008-07-25 11:07:38 / Rating: 751 /


I still have the two huge dictionaries that my mother beat me with as a child.

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2008-07-10 15:33:32 / Rating: 670.75 /

in tokyo

I tried to tell the policeman on the phone that I could hear my neighbour's daughter screaming as her mother beat her, but all he did was tell me to work on my Japanese and hang up.

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2008-05-27 17:43:54 / Rating: 546.75 /


He sent her a dozen roses on Valentine's Day after five years of silence as if it would erase all the bruises he made on her now fourteen-year-old daughter.

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2008-05-20 10:23:01 / Rating: 447.5 /

not so scared anymore

I haven't seen my abusive brother since I was 10 and he just found me on myspace.

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2008-04-28 10:51:33 / Rating: 727.5 /


I was 14 when I grasped my fathers lifeless hand and realized I didn't hate him after all.

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2008-03-03 13:01:04 / Rating: 1146.5 /


I was 3 and then I was 10 and now I'm 19 and more lost than I ever imagined I could be.

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2008-02-20 16:23:38 / Rating: 640.75 /

Drawn by children.

I didn't want to let him go so badly that I told him this could be 'just a sex thing', something I regretted in the morning when I woke up alone with a pounding head and a black eye.

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2008-01-23 12:02:05 / Rating: 574.5 /

Death of Serenity

I realize now that his being a passionate person is no excuse for him trying to choke me to death when he found out i was pregnant.

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2007-12-07 15:07:38 / Rating: 743 /


I look at the food longingly as my stomach grumbles, knowing that he's controlled me for so long that the only thing I have control over in my life is the food I put into my mouth.

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2007-11-12 22:52:38 / Rating: 690.5 /


I finally realized I had to leave when he admitted he threw our four year old across the room after he had finished the fifth of whiskey.

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2007-09-21 15:19:03 / Rating: 696.25 /

J. Enstar

I had an affair with my junior high school teacher and after that I was celibate for almost 30 years.

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2007-07-10 14:22:32 / Rating: 638.25 /


My boyfriend said he would never "purposely" beat me.

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2007-07-06 10:59:38 / Rating: 556 /


She too had been sexually assaulted by a five year older brother at the age of nine, and suddenly, I had found a sister in life.

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2007-06-26 16:55:34 / Rating: 541.5 /


How fitting it was that my best friend's abusive husband died a painful death from melanoma of the rectum.

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2007-05-30 13:38:41 / Rating: 868.25 /


Today I am safe and surviving but I was born to a hateful, abusive family and the end result left me fractured as a multiple.

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2007-05-21 10:14:36 / Rating: 677.25 /


I knew as I walked out, you'd make sure your brother and sister were safe, but I never expected you to survive your childhood.

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2006-12-03 23:22:35 / Rating: 849.75 /


I was lost into a world of abuse, sex, and alcoholism at the ripe old age of three and it went downhill from there until my first day of sobriety some 20 years ago.

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2006-10-05 12:55:20 / Rating: 739.75 /