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One explanation about a pigeon, french fries, and a box containing a dead spider later, the cop shook his head and told us we were free to go.

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2011-01-14 13:13:37 / Rating: 464.75 /


We were pen pals who lived 1951 miles apart, got the chance to meet in a different state, paddled backwards in a kayak, jumped off a bridge, and fell in love.

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2009-11-23 16:43:06 / Rating: 869 /


Spending New Years Day in a 6' x 9' cell made me realize that the stretch of tunnel between Clybourn and Clark is no place for an "adventure," and a flute of champagne is no friend to half a fifth of gin.

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2008-04-28 12:15:30 / Rating: 377.25 /