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As 29 burly Royal Marine Commando's stood around and watched me crawl over the last hurdle in the 8 hour assault course we'd all just completed, the one who had bullied me for being tiny and female burst into tears and said "I'm sorry, you're a damn good soldier."

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Survivors guilt tells me you died in my truck and that I could have saved you if I hadnt left Iraq.

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The thing about dropping your toothbrush in a toilet is that you only get one toothbrush at boot camp.

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As all my friends go to college and work to learn real skills, I realize after 3 years all I know how to do is kill people.

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For Me To Know

When packing for Iraq in June, I hid notes in his winter clothes, so he'd know I still loved him.

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I'll listen to you and sympathize about missing your husband, but don't complain to me about a long time.

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married yet single mom

While my husband was deployed I would smoke pot in my bathroom with a neighbor while the kids were asleep.

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I thought I had seen every quirky curve ball life could throw at me until the Army transports arrived to shut down the clown festival.

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The army has given me purpose, and I'm not even signed up.

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