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After her surgery she couldn't even speak English anymore, but she still remembered my birthday.

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2011-03-30 15:44:32 / Rating: 632.5 /


Receiving a die stolen off of a Bulgarian backgammon board as a birthday present didn't do a lot to alleviate the jealousy I felt for not being able to go to Europe with them.

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2009-09-21 10:01:28 / Rating: 518.75 /

That Mom

Yesterday my 6-year-old daughter informed me that she would like a turtle named 'Herpes' for her Birthday.

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2009-09-18 15:18:57 / Rating: 596.5 /


I changed the locks, got a tattoo and filed for divorce all on my 30th birthday.

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2009-07-22 15:55:25 / Rating: 605.5 /


The only reason I feel like calling my biological father is that he forgot my birthday and I know he'll send me a lot of cash to apologize.

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2009-06-08 11:37:29 / Rating: 508.75 /


For his birthday I gave him a Jenga set where every time you pulled out a block, it had a memory, inside joke, or quote on it.

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2009-05-13 15:09:38 / Rating: 1020.75 /


Tomorrow I'll look around at my 19-yr-old college classmates and think: you have no idea what kinky things I did to celebrate my 50th birthday this weekend.

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2009-02-02 11:04:52 / Rating: 1103 /


The truth is, the only birthday card I received was from my therapist.

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2008-09-26 17:33:33 / Rating: 584.25 /


It's my sixteenth birthday and I've only gotten happy birthdays from a radio DJ and a website.

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2008-08-19 14:43:38 / Rating: 757.5 /

Nikhil Charan

On my thirteenth birthday my parents gave me the best toys money could buy, and then in a moment of playful distraction they broke down and announced: "We are not your biological parents."

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2008-08-04 17:17:38 / Rating: 770 /


He sent me flowers on my eighteenth birthday with a note that said "Glad you're legal."

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2008-04-23 14:56:56 / Rating: 599.5 /


This year, on my birthday, I will eat alone at the restaurant where I spent my happiest birthday which eventually turned into the birthday which made me despise birthdays.

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2008-04-07 14:31:29 / Rating: 798.25 /


My parents filed for divorce on my brother's birthday but waited to tell us until mine that next week.

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2008-01-31 12:06:43 / Rating: 703.75 /

You know you're a lonely person when you have to bake your own birthday cake.

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2007-12-28 13:51:06 / Rating: 702.75 /

happy 25th birthday BRYAN, love mom

Insignificant, I am the mother of a 25-year-old son for whom I neither baked a cake nor mailed a birthday card--I did call him--and I want you to know that perhaps your mother feels as guilty as I do about it and that we LOVE YOU--our precious sons--despite our laziness.

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2007-10-15 14:39:45 / Rating: 726.5 /


There was no cake for my 25th birthday.

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2007-10-11 11:18:53 / Rating: 539.75 /

Almost an Adult

I've been counting down to my 18th birthday on a calendar with the heading "# of days of childhood left", but I'm too busy with college to build a fort or play freeze-tag.

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2007-10-02 10:26:18 / Rating: 733.75 /


It's nice when someone hands you a present and you realize that though you forgot your own birthday, someone else remembered.

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2007-08-07 16:20:43 / Rating: 650 /


Instead of a birthday, I got a "found naked pictures of his female online friends on our computer"-day.

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2007-07-23 13:21:31 / Rating: 707 /


I will never respect someone so deeply as my brother, who came to my birthday when my friends and four other brothers all decided that they had more fun things to do.

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2007-06-13 09:53:24 / Rating: 784.5 /


I finally stopped keeping in touch with my high school boyfriend when he sent me a list of bad things in history that had happened on my birthday.

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2007-06-01 11:30:30 / Rating: 669 /


My mother forgot.

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2007-05-24 23:40:33 / Rating: 596.25 /


Suddenly I realized the only person at my birthday party who didn't think I was gay was the girl I kissed three hours before the cake arrived.

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2006-09-26 22:40:46 / Rating: 824.75 /