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my idiot brother..

My family was awoken by gunshots in the middle of the night to find five bulletholes in the front of our suburban house- all because of an argument that took place on facebook.

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2011-11-02 10:09:00 / Rating: 224.75 /

Call Me Friend

My mother told me she was considering an offer by a coworker, money for sex.

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2008-06-11 14:18:37 / Rating: 381.75 /

Pharmacy Tech

As I handed Mr. Paul his wife's prescription-strength deodorant, I commented on the nice weather we were having, and he responded, "Once while I was in the Pacific, a cloud followed me around for a year, and all the boys would say, 'Here comes ol' McGinty.'"

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2007-10-22 14:08:05 / Rating: 624.5 /