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While my classmate's very Christian parents were fighting to ban Huckleberry Finn in English class for its profanity, my mom bought me a fictional book for my birthday detailing the lives of Japanese hookers and proceeded to think nothing of it.

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2011-06-30 16:15:53 / Rating: 705.25 /

Fired by God

Today I was fired from Barnes and Noble because a customer complained that I had stocked Christian Bibles in the fiction section.

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2009-09-14 11:14:14 / Rating: 963.75 /


We held up our mother like lonely shelved encyclopedias.

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2009-03-17 12:10:22 / Rating: 506 /

Censorhip Sucks...

I realized what liberal parents I had when my friend got in trouble for reading one of the books I lent her.

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2008-07-16 10:54:07 / Rating: 591 /


When I got back the textbook I loaned him, I flipped through every page hoping for a love note hidden in the margins.

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2008-06-06 17:12:27 / Rating: 895.5 /


I'm too old to read until 2 AM and still expect to be productive the next day.

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2008-05-22 12:33:29 / Rating: 566.75 /

calamity's child

I only read the book so I could start reading the fan fiction.

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2008-03-21 17:07:36 / Rating: 445.25 /


Every book I have ever read was made up of single sentences.

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2007-08-03 15:40:43 / Rating: 584.5 /

The Important Things in Life

It gives me extreme satisfaction to know that, even though your vacation is something I can only dream of, I'll be finished with the last Harry Potter book before you can even get your spoiled hands on a copy.

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2007-07-12 21:19:53 / Rating: 584.25 /