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sad day

Not 24 hours after he dumped me outside of my 6th period chemistry class, I discovered I was pregnant with his baby.

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2009-03-05 11:28:57 / Rating: 344.5 /


After he broke up with me on Valentine's Day, I returned his present and used the money to buy a ton of chocolate and some new shirts.

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2009-02-17 13:44:12 / Rating: 574.5 /


When I told the hardware store worker my plan to paint on my ex-boyfriends pristine BMW, without hesitation, she asked what color.

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2008-12-29 15:27:20 / Rating: 1142.5 /


It's not every day you turn on talk radio to hear the boy you loved trashing the time you spent together.

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2008-09-29 13:47:59 / Rating: 685.25 /


If you thought getting dumped in a text was bad, I just learned he ended our relationship through Facebook.

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2008-02-26 14:41:27 / Rating: 852.75 /

guess what

When she told me she was afraid that I was going to leave her for a man, it made me want to.

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2007-05-29 15:57:19 / Rating: 610.25 /


And there she left me clueless, on the eve of her mother's wedding day.

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2007-01-19 09:29:49 / Rating: 580.5 /


"If you think that will help," I said blankly, and with those words, I planted the seeds for two years of mourning.

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2006-11-21 09:55:15 / Rating: 706 /