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Couldn't handle it.

I hope making you biscuits for breakfast made up for walking away from your mental breakdown.

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2011-12-09 14:33:23 / Rating: 295.25 /


I remember fighting with my sisters over who would make what breakfast item, when my mother finally had it and yelled "You make the grits and I'll cut the cheese!"

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2009-10-06 20:34:33 / Rating: 506.75 /


How many couples go out for breakfast together after their final divorce hearing?

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2009-03-13 11:20:10 / Rating: 523.75 /


The most vivid thing that sticks out in my mind about the morning my father told me my best friend had died is that I couldn't finish my breakfast.

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2009-01-12 15:30:54 / Rating: 514.75 /


Our first kiss tasted of Lucky Charms.

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2008-12-19 11:40:08 / Rating: 763.5 /

Aaron B

You'd think that the yogurt with the blue lid was blueberry, but that is apparently not the case.

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2008-02-11 16:52:09 / Rating: 434.75 /


As you were breaking up with me, all I could think about were those mornings when you compared the Pop-Tarts and gave me the one with more frosting.

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