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The happiest moment of my life took place while I was crushed under my 2000lb car, knowing that my boyfriend was completely okay.

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2012-05-01 08:23:58 / Rating: 615.25 /


If that man hadn't decided to reply to his oh so pressing text message on the nearly empty stretch of highway, she wouldn't be in the hospital right now and she would be able to walk again.

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2011-08-04 10:59:17 / Rating: 466.5 /

Big Cousin

Late at night on the road trip, when Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron decided to change drivers on the fly to avoid waking their sleeping kids, they succeeded in keeping cousin Jason asleep for good.

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What hurt worst was that the newspaper didn't even have the decency to spell a dead girl's name right.

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2011-06-29 16:22:21 / Rating: 503.5 /


When I learned that the off duty EMT who pulled me out of the wreckage shared your name, I knew it was fate screwing with me, but appreciated you being there all the same.

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2011-04-08 11:36:18 / Rating: 508.5 /


The 5 words that will hunt me forever are: "Go faster, I dare you."

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2010-11-29 12:06:46 / Rating: 739.25 /

just a plastic tape player

Fifteen years after my question crushed her foot, she called me from the chair lift, about to ski for the first time since I was three.

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2010-03-29 14:08:38 / Rating: 475.5 /


I looked to my left and thought "The way he's driving, he's gonna run into someone," right as I smashed into the car in front of me.

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2008-11-18 13:52:10 / Rating: 796 /


I heard him say "good luck" as I walked out of the theater, but I didn't understand until I survived the car crash a week later.

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