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On Valentine's Day, five years ago, I was in the heart wing of a hospital because the caffeine in all of the chocolate candy I had eaten threw my heart out of rhythm.

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2009-01-02 12:54:52 / Rating: 480.25 /


I let my cat eat chocolate last week and swear to god we've been best friends ever since.

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2008-10-10 11:16:25 / Rating: 486.25 /


It was only after I shattered the chocolate heart that I wondered if allegories worked outside of literary works.

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2008-02-22 16:09:16 / Rating: 751 /


The first clue it's been a long day is when you profess your love to the vending machine down the hall.

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2007-12-03 15:16:43 / Rating: 679.25 /


My worst Valentine's day was probably not the year that my grandmother died, but instead the year my alcoholic roommate threw an anti-Valentine's-day party that ended with several guests in tears after he verbally abused them and stomped on a box of chocolates.

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2007-04-05 16:53:44 / Rating: 482.5 /