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Silent Red

When I was little, my aunt sent a clown with a balloon bouquet to my hospital room to cheer me up, and after the clown saw me, my mom had to spend an hour trying to get him to stop crying.

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2012-01-05 11:23:01 / Rating: 573.75 /

Marie McCurdy

Last night I met a Recon Marine who moonlights as a clown at children's parties.

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2009-06-19 08:55:36 / Rating: 387.5 /

Sparkle the Clown

Crying doesn't always get you out of a speeding ticket once a cop has pulled you over, but it does help if you happen to be dressed as a clown at the time.

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2007-06-21 09:34:03 / Rating: 641.5 /