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I said no to the coffee but yes to the date.

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2010-01-18 17:15:32 / Rating: 519.5 /


When the strange man wouldn't quit staring at me while I nursed my baby, I finally lost it and asked him if he wanted some for his coffee.

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2009-01-28 16:28:39 / Rating: 3787.5 /

Snafu Suz

As I dropped my spare change into his cup and heard a splash, I was horrified to realize he was not a homeless person begging for money but just a guy on the corner enjoying his coffee.

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2008-07-09 00:01:01 / Rating: 1031 /


Every Wednesday morning on my way to chemotherapy, I stop at Starbucks for a tall black and white, even though I can't drink it, just to remind myself of the freedom I've lost to this disease.

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2008-07-07 14:00:14 / Rating: 559 /


Yesterday I drank the result of not washing the dishes: coffee with clipped nails and chewing gum.

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2008-05-07 13:58:58 / Rating: 468.5 /


We never did finish our campfire discussion over when coffee stops tasting like crap and starts to taste like coffee.

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2008-02-29 12:58:34 / Rating: 450 /

who knows

I take sip of sweet icy coffee, look at him across the table as the cool autumn wind caresses my hair and for a moment find peace.

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2007-03-27 14:06:35 / Rating: 696 /


I knew it would be a bad day when the bagel place told me they would have to fill the rest of my coffee cup with decaf.

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2007-01-30 11:15:17 / Rating: 562.25 /


I should know better than to drink too much coffee and then contemplate what happens after death.

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2006-10-16 12:53:36 / Rating: 643.25 /