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After reading everyone's personal essay, I realize I'm the only person in a class of twenty-three who doesn't smoke pot.

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2013-08-07 21:31:21 / Rating: 265.5 /


Writing my final Shakespeare essay seems so unimportant when you are dying in a hospital on opposite side of the country.

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2013-06-30 13:22:27 / Rating: 179 /


When I returned home after my first semester away at school, the doorknobs felt wrong.

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2012-03-29 21:23:07 / Rating: 447.25 /


I went to college to discover things about myself, not expecting to discover that I was lactose intolerant.

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2012-01-03 13:46:29 / Rating: 338.25 /


The day I ironed my shirt with my hair straightener was the day I finally felt like a true college student.

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2011-12-09 14:34:51 / Rating: 582.25 /


I went to college to discover things about myself, not expecting to discover that I was lactose intolerant.

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2011-11-20 10:45:35 / Rating: 344.25 /

One grey November day...

I thought my college crush and next-door neighbour was just sick until they called a dorm floor meeting.

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2011-08-07 16:06:51 / Rating: 471.5 /


Although cancer took my little brother ten years ago when he was a sophomore in college, his first (and only) boyfriend and I still refer to one another as "brothers-in-law."

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2011-04-12 13:24:39 / Rating: 1245.75 /


I was about to burst into tears when my friend pointed out that the D on my results paper stood for "Distinction".

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2010-11-01 14:29:40 / Rating: 361.25 /

College Life

There was a hesitant knock at my dorm room door, and I opened it to find a guy standing there with my bra dangling from a pair of salad tongs and a dryer sheet sticking to his pant leg.

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2010-10-19 14:35:36 / Rating: 566.5 /


One night in college, I blacked out drinking in my friend's dorm room and "came to" while taking a shower in the men's bathroom.

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2010-05-12 10:34:16 / Rating: 361.25 /

Accidental fugitive

Upon seeing the university police stroll into my apartment looking for me for the third time in as many months, I decided that I was in fact ready to graduate.

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2010-05-06 15:03:20 / Rating: 452.25 /

Nom de Plume

After the third fire alarm of the week, we stopped evacuating the building, because we figured the cold outside would probably kill us faster than the little infernos in the cafeteria downstairs.

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2010-04-13 14:42:32 / Rating: 519.75 /


In a crowded college dorm with four of us to a two-person room, I felt like I had a place, while in the three-story house I reluctantly call home, I know there's no room for me.

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2010-03-23 16:11:18 / Rating: 745 /


If you you drink too much and ask your sorority sister to kiss you, they will never let you forget it, even if you can't remember it.

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2010-03-19 09:52:20 / Rating: 484.75 /


The look on my daughter's face as I turned and left her dorm room that first day will haunt me forever.

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2010-03-15 14:14:05 / Rating: 433.75 /


She couldn't tell for 8 months, until that night in the college dorm bathroom.

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2010-03-13 22:20:03 / Rating: 354.25 /

for real though?

I curled up in bed after my shower, naked as the day I was born, not expecting the fire alarm to go off at 4 am in my co-ed dorm.

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2010-03-11 16:13:41 / Rating: 564.75 /

Auntie Boo

Today I made new friends in my dorm by passing out the cupcakes that were left over from my niece's second birthday party that got cancelled because she got a fever so high she had a seizure and stopped breathing until my sister gave her mouth to mouth.

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2010-01-27 09:30:19 / Rating: 485 /


Years from now, when we fix up our own home together, I'll recall the night we wandered through Home Depot and spent 20 minutes in the doorbell section listening carefully to each one.

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2010-01-07 11:24:32 / Rating: 731.75 /


We were pen pals who lived 1951 miles apart, got the chance to meet in a different state, paddled backwards in a kayak, jumped off a bridge, and fell in love.

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2009-11-23 16:43:06 / Rating: 864.75 /

Lost In My Hat

My first night of college I felt a strange feeling of familiarity because the hallway lights stayed on all night, just like they did at the psychiatric hospitals I spent my adolescence in.

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2009-10-27 15:24:15 / Rating: 652.5 /

Mr. Anderson

I was briskly desensitized to gay people when my roomate's boyfriend stayed in the dorm room for a week straight.

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2009-10-05 15:11:40 / Rating: 513 /

Bored of Boredom

I didn't understand what was so funny until I realized a Bachelors of Journalism from Fontbonne University is a "BJ from FU".

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2009-09-21 10:02:27 / Rating: 651.25 /


I find it ironic that while I'm here procrastinating the One Sentence pointer finger is pointing to the link for the website that my homework is on.

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2009-09-17 14:37:01 / Rating: 498.75 /


Make up your mind: do you want me to visit my dying grandmother or clean my room?

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2009-08-03 15:54:15 / Rating: 493.75 /


During a somewhat fuzzy post-flu recovery power walk, a group of 10 or so college age men running towards me along the trail suddenly lined up single file and gave me high-fives.

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2009-07-20 10:42:23 / Rating: 730 /


Organizational Assembly had been unwittingly shortened to OrgAsm on my transcript which also stated that my performance in it had been perfect.

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2009-07-15 11:10:26 / Rating: 1088.75 /


The very second I lost my virginity, a car outside my room sounded their custom Dukes of Hazard horn.

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2009-07-13 16:03:04 / Rating: 666.5 /

s. c. amory

I realized that I was placating my drunken mother the same way I used pacify to my drunken college friends.

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2009-06-02 08:29:47 / Rating: 493.75 /

skankin' rob

My boss, who has no college degree and can barely utter a coherent syllable let alone an articulate sentence, is the supervisor of a Yale Graduate with far too much debt.

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2009-04-23 16:08:06 / Rating: 500.75 /


After getting the third package in the mail with a toy cow in it, I concluded that my mother and younger sister were trying to force me to collect cows.

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2009-04-10 12:54:45 / Rating: 730.5 /


When my professor asked me how stressed out I was, I explained to her that I had been naked in a public restroom that morning and didn't even realize it.

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2009-03-17 12:14:23 / Rating: 755 /

Appropriated Agenda

Promptly after arriving at college and trying to clean up after my roommates, I phoned my mom and apologized for 18 years of not helping tidy the kitchen more.

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2009-03-13 15:41:38 / Rating: 728.5 /

S. A.

While I was running around screaming about the huge fire I caused in the dorm kitchen, a girl wearing pajamas calmly walked in, extinguished the fire, and asked me to keep it down because she was trying to study.

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2009-03-06 10:17:11 / Rating: 1125 /


As I collapsed on the bathroom floor about to pass out, I realized that taking a really hot shower after drinking too much vodka is not a good idea.

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2009-02-09 12:50:28 / Rating: 486.5 /


Tomorrow I'll look around at my 19-yr-old college classmates and think: you have no idea what kinky things I did to celebrate my 50th birthday this weekend.

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2009-02-02 11:04:52 / Rating: 1093.25 /


I only realized how strange my life was when I received a full scholarship for having a father in prison for murder.

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2009-01-28 12:27:26 / Rating: 904.25 /

Happy Leif Erikson Day!

Today, after weeks of avoiding the required parts of my assignment, I had to ask my socially-awkward Japanese pen pal about his sex life.

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2009-01-19 15:17:28 / Rating: 496.75 /


Every time a college sends me a package for my outstanding scores I laugh because I horribly misspelled my own name.

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2009-01-16 10:58:04 / Rating: 528.75 /


Three years into my English major, I finally ran out of BS.

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2009-01-12 15:30:20 / Rating: 3630 /

college kid

My ramen has the slightest hint of dishwasher soap flavoring.

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2008-12-16 08:52:56 / Rating: 618 /

one day

I gave the high school freshman my phone number so he could brag to his friends and because it reaffirmed that I want to be a journalist when I grow up

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2008-12-12 09:18:39 / Rating: 562.75 /


I stood in the cereal aisle for ten minutes trying to pick the Marshmallow Mateys bag with the highest marshmallow-to-anchor ratio.

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2008-12-05 13:03:14 / Rating: 915.75 /


My best friend looked at me and said, "My mouth tastes like Spring Break."

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2008-12-04 13:19:40 / Rating: 675.5 /


I unfriended them all from my Facebook page because I didn't want them to share my joys or enjoy my sorrow.

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2008-12-02 13:06:55 / Rating: 737 /


No one ever told me that college life would include having a stranger pee on my dorm room floor.

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2008-11-21 15:52:37 / Rating: 560.75 /


It's funny how quickly your plans change from "changing the world and chasing your dreams" to "getting really fucking drunk."

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2008-11-13 13:09:35 / Rating: 1428.25 /


Not being quite attuned to college life, I reflexively put my old home address while ordering a porn DVD.

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2008-10-22 12:57:20 / Rating: 814.75 /

Teacher teacher

The first thing they said at orientation was "don't date your students" and 6 weeks into the semester I'm doing just that.

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2008-10-13 15:16:35 / Rating: 459 /


In order to desensitize my roommate to various things involved in childbirth I hid sticky notes around the room with the words like "placenta" on them.

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2008-10-10 11:14:45 / Rating: 583.25 /


I tried to ignore the fact that I was alone in my dorm on a Saturday night and focused my energy into color-coding the rest of my shoes.

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2008-10-06 13:10:03 / Rating: 599 /

culture shock

It was when my freshman year roommate asked where my summer house was that I realized I'd never fit in at college.

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2008-09-17 23:47:56 / Rating: 713.75 /


In Physics of Music class, I learned that a wave is defined as "a traveling disturbance" and I thought of my ex-boyfriend.

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2008-08-27 14:55:54 / Rating: 870.5 /


I opened my dorm room door to a frantic guy who said, "There's a naked body on 4th floor and I'm not even kidding."

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2008-08-11 15:54:31 / Rating: 627.25 /


I imagine the people at Harvard gave my application the same look Mary received from the Israelites when she told them her new son, Jesus, was immaculately conceived.

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2008-07-30 14:41:13 / Rating: 857.5 /


I knew I was going to fail the class when the professor pulled me aside and asked, "Do you have a learning disability I should know about?"

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2008-07-01 15:12:30 / Rating: 797.25 /


I suddenly came out of the blackout when the ER doctor informed me that my tendon was no longer attached to my middle finger.

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2008-06-27 14:54:17 / Rating: 529.25 /

Corner Room

It's not until you live in a dorm room that shares a wall with a stairwell that you realize people are horrible at carrying things up and down steps.

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2008-06-13 13:40:49 / Rating: 687.25 /


I went to college to dodge this war, and now I'm going to war to pay for college.

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2008-06-10 10:30:23 / Rating: 746.25 /


Whenever my campus tour groups ask about the library facilities, I am tempted to explain to them how exactly I know that the private study rooms are soundproof.

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2008-06-06 17:05:53 / Rating: 764.75 /


Getting a wowie from my Studio Lighting teacher makes that F in English fizzle away.

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2008-05-01 14:27:24 / Rating: 591.25 /

C'est vrai

We felt bad laughing about the legally blind Bosnian passed out drunk in a pool of his own vomit on the tile near the toilet, but it sure did make one hell of a story.

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2008-04-28 12:17:51 / Rating: 582.75 /


econ 4405: Because no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I can pass the exam, I can't learn it all in less than nine hours.

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2008-04-15 10:04:58 / Rating: 578.5 /


I hadn't understood just how much I hated my roommate until I laughed while watching her walk into a glass door and break her nose.

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2008-03-25 10:49:20 / Rating: 639.25 /

drop out

I don't want to go to a school that has to advertise on television.

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2008-03-25 10:47:22 / Rating: 586.25 /

The Day The Music Died

And that, my friends, is how I ended up getting my first kiss (from a complete stranger, to boot) at Rocky Horror Picture Show night.

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2008-03-19 09:52:14 / Rating: 596.25 /


You know it's time to do dishes when you find yourself eating a TV dinner with a butter knife.

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2008-03-03 12:58:11 / Rating: 775.25 /


Yesterday I had to explain to my roommates, who don't drink, why Jeff's car was in the backyard.

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2008-02-29 16:36:23 / Rating: 577 /


"Leave the pizza on the futon and I'll eat it for breakfast" would be the most collegiate sentence ever uttered, if only I had worked in the word "toga."

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2008-02-29 16:35:32 / Rating: 661.25 /

Waiting For The White Truck

The mail arrives promptly at 10:15 every morning except on those that I expect a college decision letter.

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2008-02-29 12:50:13 / Rating: 562 /


My roommate's stalker is creepy.

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2008-02-22 16:10:19 / Rating: 526.5 /

Seventeen Going On Eighteen

The night I realized I was jealous of a twelve-year-old was the night I decided I needed to leave for college more than ever.

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2008-02-20 16:24:54 / Rating: 556.5 /


I told him I have no problem with him seeing me naked, but a bathing suit is a different story.

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2008-02-12 12:33:53 / Rating: 817 /


"Goodbye sex" only reopens old wounds.

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2008-02-08 16:50:49 / Rating: 704 /

Hours away from people that love me

With all the tags for "college" I finally feel connected to my age group.

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2008-02-06 13:37:15 / Rating: 676.5 /


I farted in the kitchen and my roommate broke her toe.

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2008-01-29 15:28:54 / Rating: 593.25 /


Sleep deprivation writes some of the best college papers.

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2008-01-23 11:56:46 / Rating: 874.25 /


Spending New Year's Eve alone at my parent's house during my last winter break won't doom me to a lonely, sexless 2008, will it?

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2007-12-31 11:50:25 / Rating: 547 /

busy as a bee...

The day I realized that I had only scheduled three hours for sleep was the day I realized that I was too busy.

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2007-12-07 14:56:20 / Rating: 571.75 /

I need a fork, or new roommates

I'm eating Ellio's pizza with a spoon right now because my roommates don't know how to wash dishes.

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2007-12-03 15:13:56 / Rating: 500.25 /


An intoxicated man pointed to a car's license plate and said to me "This chinaman is from Iwo Jima" and when I looked at the license plate it said "IOWA."

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2007-11-24 18:32:42 / Rating: 681.25 /

Tessa V

I was hoping that I would be disappointed by the booty call so that I'd stop liking you so much.

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2007-11-09 11:04:08 / Rating: 657.25 /


My love for him deepened significantly when he offered to cosign my student loans.

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2007-10-25 10:45:30 / Rating: 770.25 /


Everytime I hang up something from home in my dorm room, I get more homesick.

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2007-10-23 11:48:01 / Rating: 507 /


It's hard for me to concentrate in my lectures because I get distracted by imagining what it'd be like to make out with random people in my class.

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2007-10-22 14:06:43 / Rating: 854.25 /


When I realized that my three taxonomy courses all had tests in the same week, I wanted to jump off a building.

tags: college memorization latin names tough study [add]

2007-10-15 09:38:36 / Rating: 460.5 /

Prince Albert

Lately my clothes have felt incredibly stifling and the first thing I do when I get back from class is rip them off.

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2007-10-05 10:23:07 / Rating: 581.25 /

Almost an Adult

I've been counting down to my 18th birthday on a calendar with the heading "# of days of childhood left", but I'm too busy with college to build a fort or play freeze-tag.

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2007-10-02 10:26:18 / Rating: 729.75 /


Cleaning your sneakers while sitting in front of a small oscillating fan in a dorm room is probably not what they intended by "use in a well-ventilated area."

tags: college nail polish remover sneakers directions [add]

2007-09-27 12:31:39 / Rating: 487.5 /


After waking up next to my ex-boyfriend with someone else's name emblazoned on my hand in permanent marker, I realized I should lay off the 99 bananas.

tags: college alcoholism [add]

2007-09-19 15:06:03 / Rating: 568.25 /


Upon entering practice room 158 this morning to find a large penis scratched into the wood of the piano, I realized once again that college boys never do grow up.

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2007-09-18 13:11:33 / Rating: 813.5 /


I've been living with my college roommate for two days now, and we haven't spoken more than three words to each other.

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2007-08-28 23:07:01 / Rating: 591.5 /


You should have seen the looks on their faces when I, the girl who abhors underage drinking, announced that one of my goals in life is to try Canadian beer.

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2007-08-28 23:05:44 / Rating: 565.25 /


Tomorrow we will drive our son to college, get him set up in his dorm room, marvel at what a great school he will be attending, help him settle in, hug and kiss him goodbye and then cry the entire way home, the backseat entirely too empty.

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2007-08-23 18:02:22 / Rating: 753.5 /


Somehow, I landed one of the coveted single rooms on campus, but it's only made me more nervous about being isolated and antisocial 1500 miles from home.

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2007-08-10 13:07:35 / Rating: 707 /

the girl

My father is selling my home to move in with his new wife as I leave everything I've ever known behind.

tags: college disappointment no home [add]

2007-08-01 12:40:07 / Rating: 538.25 /


I don't know if school's for me, but I know working isn't.

tags: growing up college [add]

2007-07-05 12:25:57 / Rating: 615.5 /


So I told her "When you go to college try to send me a letter."

tags: college letter girlfriend [add]

2007-05-24 23:40:20 / Rating: 560.5 /


I was the smartest person on my floor of my dorm, and probably the richest too, but I was also the only one to flunk out.

tags: college failure regret potential [add]

2007-05-21 10:16:25 / Rating: 688 /


Five years and a college degree later, I've discovered that a "risk" is essentially defined by the possibility of failure.

tags: college degree failure oops [add]

2007-05-17 13:47:36 / Rating: 588 /

Kelly #1

As my boyfriend sleeps in my dorm bed next to me, I can't help but hope that one day we can share something bigger than a twin size.

tags: college relationships boyfriend commitment [add]

2007-05-10 10:40:31 / Rating: 810.5 /


My freshmen year of college isn't even over yet and I'm already wishing I could start it over again.

tags: college life mistakes regret [add]

2007-05-09 11:24:59 / Rating: 755.75 /


I was right: there was no specific rule against rappelling out the fourth story dorm window.

tags: humor college [add]

2007-05-09 11:23:50 / Rating: 916.5 /

Doom of Doom

I got into the all of the colleges that I had applied for, but now I have to figure out which one I actually want to go to.

tags: decisions college [add]

2007-04-25 15:50:48 / Rating: 520 /

how i'd like to be credited

Having everyone on the floor of his dormitory know exactly what we're doing for the next few hours is worth avoiding any more awkward intrusions.

tags: college love sex awkward [add]

2007-04-16 15:48:27 / Rating: 784.5 /


During my final exam, I plan to ask my girlfriend/professor to marry me.

tags: college professor sex marriage love secret [add]

2007-03-27 15:13:22 / Rating: 928.5 /


As I watched the final seconds, all I could think was how much it must suck to be a Duke fan right now.

tags: college basketball march madness losing [add]

2007-03-16 13:41:03 / Rating: 566.5 /


It wasn't until two days later that I realized I had not answered the question posed by the essay portion of the final exam.

tags: college final mistake oops [add]

2007-03-13 12:48:17 / Rating: 744 /


I had been drifting through a haze of various drugs and forgettable experiences, until one day I woke up and couldn't remember who I was before college.

tags: college drugs humor dark [add]

2007-02-14 10:38:43 / Rating: 771.75 /


It's not the fact that i was written up for 'underage alcohol consumption' that bothers me, it's the fact that for once, I hadn't had any at all.

tags: coincidence alcohol college [add]

2007-02-12 12:35:08 / Rating: 629.5 /


I moved away to college thinking that I wouldn't miss my family, but I really wish I could see them right now.

tags: sad family college [add]

2007-02-07 09:56:07 / Rating: 721 /

M. Love

My heart is slowly breaking.

tags: love college leaving drifting apart stupid [add]

2007-01-01 19:56:59 / Rating: 764 /


The car was packed and loaded, and with tears in my eyes I hugged my son and said goodbye.

tags: mother son life love old pride college [add]

2006-12-10 13:14:36 / Rating: 787.5 /

long way from home

In the weeks of my stardom in Nigeria as a 5'2 white female "didn't make the cut in high school" basketball player I regained my confidence.

tags: humor irony college sports [add]

2006-12-05 12:27:53 / Rating: 632 /

distressing e

I don't really want to be an engineer but I REALLY don't want to be a failure to my parents.

tags: college stress parents [add]

2006-10-17 09:59:56 / Rating: 674.5 /

Robot Girl

I should be sleeping, but I keep thinkig about all of the things I need to do, should have done, and about how I don't want to screw everything up.

tags: love college essay school highschool homecoming family life future [add]

2006-10-16 14:51:10 / Rating: 919.75 /


The only professor I could find who was able to get accounting concepts through my thick skull died three weeks into the semester.

tags: death school college professor accounting [add]

2006-10-10 19:43:50 / Rating: 806.25 /


I made a list and crossed out all the subjects that I knew right away I didn't want to major in, and in the end all that was left was Neuroscience, so I went with that.

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2006-10-04 13:12:59 / Rating: 679.5 /

Erik, Kim, & Sondra

It sounded like a good idea at the time, but as soon as the sulfuric scent filled the hallway, we began second-guessing our impulsive decision to make deviled eggs in a college dorm.

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2006-09-04 11:48:18 / Rating: 571.75 /


College Jeopardy! auditions are much harder than the game you watch on television, especially if one is nursing one's first real collegiate hangover.

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2006-08-23 20:23:32 / Rating: 544.5 /


I jumped off a moving train in Switzerland while traveling with some college friends.

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2006-08-10 12:26:31 / Rating: 684.5 /


I once ran the sound for a touring mime company.

tags: humor college mimes irony [add]

2006-08-10 01:45:23 / Rating: 854.75 /

Dave Walls

In college, I was in a morning class with 500 other students in a lecture hall, only to fall asleep and wake up about 5 hours later in the middle of another class.

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2006-07-17 17:54:32 / Rating: 1097 /


I passed out while peeing in the dorm room bathroom, and woke up later with my head under a stall door, still unzipped with no idea how long I was there.

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2006-06-27 17:36:14 / Rating: 681.75 /