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In a span of one week I went from rolling my eyes at my douche-y and overly self-confident team captain, to rolling around in a bed with him.

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2011-09-26 13:01:16 / Rating: 326.25 /


When I saw the young man at the supermarket check me out, I held my head a little higher thinking, "Yeah, I still got it."

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2010-09-16 14:22:54 / Rating: 368.25 /


Standing at the front of the room, I suddenly realize that middle schoolers still intimidate me as much as they ever did when I was in middle school.

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2008-06-13 13:42:40 / Rating: 616.5 /


My dad was my best friend until the day he looked me in the face and said, "You know, I never really did think you were pretty."

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2007-07-16 15:23:25 / Rating: 646.5 /