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For some reason, when my mother told me about my transgender cousin, she kept focusing on "He got his penis chopped off."

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2013-08-18 17:59:37 / Rating: 203.75 /

Big Cousin

Late at night on the road trip, when Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron decided to change drivers on the fly to avoid waking their sleeping kids, they succeeded in keeping cousin Jason asleep for good.

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2011-06-30 16:11:14 / Rating: 463.75 /


Her four-year-old daughter turned to me from her spot in the tree and said, "Climbing trees is more fun than losing mothers."

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2010-11-01 15:08:26 / Rating: 574 /


On our middle school class trip to new York City, my cousin got slapped by a bum.

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2008-10-22 12:58:47 / Rating: 660 /


The moment my little cousin stepped out into the aisle of the movie theater and painted the floor with lasagna, I knew all 20 of us were gonna taste lunch twice.

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2008-09-03 14:42:43 / Rating: 483 /


Slightly mortified, I assured my mother incest wasn't really my thing after she warned me against getting into "trouble" with my cousin.

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2008-06-25 20:44:46 / Rating: 630 /

Alan Smithee

I just found out that my thirty-year old trailer trash cousin is dying of cancer and all I can think of is "Good riddance."

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2007-08-23 17:57:23 / Rating: 531 /