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katla the dancer

Once the sweat dried, the blood clotted, and the bones healed, I got out onstage with my dance company and won best performance in the state of California.

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2010-05-17 14:44:18 / Rating: 470.5 /


He asked me out online, but that was okay becuase I stood up and did a little victory dance that I did not want anyone to see.

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2009-01-02 12:57:07 / Rating: 952.75 /


Before that night, I'd thought it was only in movies that people could dance in the rain and not care how wet they got.

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2008-03-03 13:01:29 / Rating: 669 /


I thought a boy was inviting me to a dance when he was really just calling to see if I could take his shift at work.

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2007-10-23 11:52:34 / Rating: 470 /


It wasn't until after prom that she told me I was the only guy who didn't bother her by having an erection when dancing with her.

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2007-05-29 15:57:38 / Rating: 598.75 /


I was simply going from the kettle to the fridge and back again, when my girlfriend said she wished her dance teacher could see could see me moving.

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2007-03-01 14:28:31 / Rating: 603 /