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I found out that she cheated on me with a blind guy and then cheated on him with a guy who was albino.

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2013-08-28 13:44:16 / Rating: 226 /

We All Know Who

When I asked her why he was out of her league her only response was, "Because I know he won't beat me."

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We realized it was the wrong parking lot to make out in when we saw the drug dealer flash his gun.

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He asked me if he could walk me to my door and I said "Oh god, I'm so sorry, are we on a date?"

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It was only on the drive home that I realized that the woman I was trying to woo held the handshake just a little too long.

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On our first Valentine's Day together he gave me a corset, a thong, and a bus ticket.

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2011-02-14 13:16:48 / Rating: 532.5 /

Embarrassed, but somehow charmed

"I wrote a poem for you," he said, then proceeded to read "Ode to your cleavage."

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2011-01-21 19:21:51 / Rating: 670.75 /

Peter Licari

Frankly, it's awkward when you find out the "random jerk" who rear-ended your new car two hours ago is also your new girlfriend's father.

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2011-01-06 09:42:55 / Rating: 564.5 /

Mr. Romance

It wasn't until she pulled out her homework that I realized that we were not actually on a date.

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2010-12-06 15:09:41 / Rating: 848 /

Jane Doe

When I found out I didn't know his real name four months into dating, I knew it probably wasn't going to work out.

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2010-06-08 11:42:38 / Rating: 497.25 /


When he described his courtship process as "I'll text her for four or five weeks, then I'll hook up with her, then I'll hook up with her the next week, and then I'll ask her out," I knew we probably weren't going to be friends.

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2010-05-06 15:08:00 / Rating: 388 /


I am nearly 21 and the entirety of my relationship experiences involve being asked out by a mentally challenged kid, a guy who after one date, called six times a day for a week and a half, a 50 year old illegal alien, and the son of the 50 year old illegal alien.

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2009-04-19 21:33:06 / Rating: 713 /


After he broke up with me on Valentine's Day, I returned his present and used the money to buy a ton of chocolate and some new shirts.

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2009-02-17 13:44:12 / Rating: 574.25 /

The guy wearing the bowler hat

Ten years ago, I laughingly swore that I would never date anyone with the same name as me, and ten days ago, I happily broke this vow.

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2009-01-21 15:02:30 / Rating: 616.75 /

one day

I gave the high school freshman my phone number so he could brag to his friends and because it reaffirmed that I want to be a journalist when I grow up

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2008-12-12 09:18:39 / Rating: 574 /


I wasn't sure if him calling the local radio to talk to their psychic about me after 3 dates was cute or creepy.

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2008-12-04 13:15:12 / Rating: 534.5 /

aaron b

The girl I've been dating for 5 weeks just told me that she's 9 weeks pregnant.

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2008-11-13 22:13:51 / Rating: 570 /


I only remember he's colorblind when I see a cardinal and remember our first date.

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2008-10-14 10:02:37 / Rating: 371.75 /


He sang to me as we danced in the fountain and later he caressed my cheek, stroked my neck, touched my adam's apple, and asked me if I was a man.

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2008-07-21 16:12:16 / Rating: 682.25 /

Frog Kisser

I began to wonder what kind of vibe I was putting off when a guy gave me his number on a $20 bill, a married couple propositioned me, and I was set up with a porn star all in one week.

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2008-07-09 17:38:21 / Rating: 702.25 /

Lisa K. S.

I thought he was going to ask me for a dollar, so when he asked me to be his girlfriend I blurted, "No, can't you get it from somebody else?"

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2008-07-01 15:13:13 / Rating: 931.75 /

Probably Not Okay

The ticket stub to the movie we had not attended kept me from going to jail that night.

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2008-05-23 11:17:22 / Rating: 598.25 /


It was a little weird to find out after we reunited that his ex-wife resembled me, but it was weirder to find out that my ex-husband and her are now dating.

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2008-04-01 12:10:28 / Rating: 454.5 /


When my middle-aged friend's elderly ob-gyn boyfriend told her she had "the vagina of a 25-year-old," I couldn't decide if it was a compliment or if he was treating her like one of his patients.

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2008-04-01 12:03:26 / Rating: 473.5 /


If I'd known it was possible to be a lesbian, I never would have dated him.

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2008-03-06 11:45:24 / Rating: 530.75 /

Just Me

After several hours of pondering and countless rough drafts, I waited until my young son was abed, plunked down my credit card to join the online dating site, and sent a painstakingly crafted email to that guy with the amazing profile.

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2008-02-12 12:35:13 / Rating: 586.25 /


Nobody will ever believe that I lost my virginity to a rapist, because at the time I tried to deal with it by dating him for a month and pretending that it had all been my idea.

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2008-01-25 13:19:48 / Rating: 826 /

Probably Not Okay

My online dating service matched me with my cousin.

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2007-12-31 11:50:31 / Rating: 3646.25 /


I fell in love with her on a chat-site, but when she finally showed me her picture, I am ashamed to say, I dumped her immediately.

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2007-10-30 14:19:11 / Rating: 512 /


I'd never been as bored as I was on our first date, but I'm taking her out again tomorrow night so that I don't need to be alone.

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2007-09-11 12:56:02 / Rating: 526.75 /


I never spoke to him again because he was dating eight other women.

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2007-09-10 12:08:47 / Rating: 533.25 /


And then he told me he would have dated me if he had known I was just as easy as the girl he is currently dating.

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2007-08-28 23:07:39 / Rating: 435.75 /


We were getting along really well until I leaned over and vomited on his feet.

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2007-08-14 16:58:30 / Rating: 617.5 /


My mother thinks we're dating because she found the hickies he gave me on my neck.

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2007-07-24 16:42:31 / Rating: 592 /


Forty years ago at the bus stop, he said, "I don't know what else to do with you, so I guess I'd better marry you."

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2007-06-21 10:00:12 / Rating: 654.75 /

Someone else

He was too stupid to think of a proper insult, but then again, he did spray cologne in his own face.

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2006-10-30 15:02:46 / Rating: 499.25 /

Lula Belle

I discovered The Dealbreaker: a can of Skoal and a wad in his mouth were enough to make me walk in the opposite direction.

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2006-10-11 14:18:34 / Rating: 549.25 /


Nearing the end of the last meal we ever ate together, a wave of nausea rushed me to the dingy bathroom, leaving her sitting awkwardly in front of an empty plate.

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2006-10-01 23:25:44 / Rating: 482 /


My date was eager to know why I had specifically written to her out of all the other girls online - I cast my mind back to a few nights before, loaded on red wine and Xanax, and lied.

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2006-09-04 17:22:49 / Rating: 665.75 /