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I can no longer give a speech at my middle brother's wedding, because I am too angry that he calls himself a Christian and yet allows his friends to refer to our youngest brother as a "faggot."

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2012-10-16 15:43:59 / Rating: 1179 /


I finally offered my lyrics to the guy in the school metal band a day after they disbanded.

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2010-08-31 12:11:04 / Rating: 286.25 /


After seventeen years of feeling like a disappointment to my mum, and writing a story about how she screwed my life, nothing feels as good as deleting the story after over hearing her exclaim to strangers about how proud she is of me.

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2010-08-05 12:21:44 / Rating: 526 /


My own mother hated my performance.

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2010-04-30 10:26:48 / Rating: 358.5 /


My mother's reaction to telling her I was almost raped was shock that I said the f-word in fending him off.

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2009-04-30 09:23:18 / Rating: 562.75 /

Disappointment of a daughter

She was more upset when I told her I was a vegetarian than when I told her I was a lesbian.

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2009-03-11 13:24:40 / Rating: 643.75 /


I thought it was pretty cool when my dad told me he had joined a band, until he informed me that he would be playing the spoons and the triangle.

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2009-01-07 12:46:26 / Rating: 668.75 /


After two years in grad school, thousands of dollars in loans, and countless sleepless nights I've realized that I'd rather be have my hands in the soil than have my nose in a book.

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2008-07-25 00:15:12 / Rating: 559 /


I was so disappointed when I learned Santa was Mom and Dad, but I am so excited now that Santa is me.

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2008-07-07 13:59:19 / Rating: 1179.25 /


When I got back the textbook I loaned him, I flipped through every page hoping for a love note hidden in the margins.

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2008-06-06 17:12:27 / Rating: 895.75 /


We were going to stay up all night recording experimental music on his computer like John and Yoko, but then his mom came in and told us it was time for him to go to bed.

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2008-05-21 09:36:07 / Rating: 713.25 /


I had never truly understood the taste of lemonade until I counted the number of times my name showed up in her diary.

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2008-01-14 17:23:34 / Rating: 664.75 /


Thanks to my erasable Bic pen cap and hours spent lingering in after-school daycare all those years, generations of innocent, tenacious schoolmates never found Waldo.

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2007-12-13 00:20:03 / Rating: 939.5 /


He told me that "I mean the world to him," after he admitted that recently his world had one too many planets.

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2007-10-18 14:03:07 / Rating: 561 /


For my father, the disappointment of a son who didn't enjoy athletics was never ameliorated by a daughter ecstatic to fill that void.

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2007-10-02 15:43:36 / Rating: 630.75 /


I knew I was out of luck when the suggestion that I'm not gay caused her to choke on her soup.

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2007-10-01 13:51:19 / Rating: 399 /


Each afternoon when I arrive home from school, I immediately check onesentence to see if there have been any new additions, and when there hasn't, I feel as if my day was entirely pointless.

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2007-10-01 09:59:13 / Rating: 509.5 /


He told me so many nice things, but did so many bad things.

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2007-09-28 12:32:46 / Rating: 555 /

the girl

My father is selling my home to move in with his new wife as I leave everything I've ever known behind.

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2007-08-01 12:40:07 / Rating: 545 /


Night after night I stare at my phone in anticipation until I realize you're too busy doing blow in strange people's houses to bother with me.

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2007-07-21 12:39:24 / Rating: 664.25 /


I knew it was going to be a bad day when I was up for work at 6am on a Saturday, and my biscuit flopped into my tea mid-dunk.

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2007-06-22 10:46:34 / Rating: 667.25 /

Never was

I watch anything about cheerleading on TV that comes on because I always wanted to be one, when I was in high school almost 20 years ago.

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2007-05-14 13:31:11 / Rating: 605.5 /


I really really like her, but after our first date last night she told me she was already seeing someone else.

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2007-04-27 16:36:08 / Rating: 562.75 /


I became disappointed in mankind when I noticed human feces in the elevator of my building.

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2007-03-13 12:48:08 / Rating: 450.25 /


The only reason I felt bad when my dad's girlfriend left him was it meant he was coming back to live with us.

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2007-02-20 15:23:47 / Rating: 715.25 /


I told him that I would have become a citizen of Iran for him and then I changed my mind.

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2006-12-21 14:51:37 / Rating: 632.5 /


She said she'd never give up on me, but now she's with a drummer.

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2006-12-11 20:25:27 / Rating: 470.75 /


I jumped up and down outside the audition room because it went so well, but apparently their opinions of my talent were different.

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2006-11-30 12:46:40 / Rating: 492.5 /


After being duped into thinking a hot girl actually was interested in me, that hooker stole my weed.

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2006-11-16 09:44:16 / Rating: 784 /


I hated her, but now when she accuses me of it, I feel my chest ache with love, and I realize I've ruined something fragile from the beginning.

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2006-11-01 16:21:29 / Rating: 653 /

Joke of a Romantic

As he was telling me over the phone that he didn't know me I came to the sinking realization that I couldn't live without him anymore.

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2006-09-27 13:43:46 / Rating: 832.25 /

Lost In Translation

I thought I could speak French until I actually met someone who spoke it.

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2006-09-26 07:07:26 / Rating: 517 /