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When I almost killed myself, you licked the tears from my face and when you died, I held your cold paw and tried not to cry.

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2011-11-02 10:06:07 / Rating: 810.25 /

last connection

Sheltered from the hot sun, the woman cradled the little dog in her arms while her child crawled away from her, only connected by the child harness.

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2011-06-30 16:16:56 / Rating: 627 /


It wasn't because the dog is "poorly trained," but rather because you left the canister of bacon grease at the edge of the kitchen table.

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2011-05-18 09:24:04 / Rating: 537 /

Not My Morning

Stepping in dog pee while wearing white socks was not how I wanted to start my morning.

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2011-05-06 15:12:53 / Rating: 484.75 /

Leon Lion

I woke up cramped in the fetal position on my couch, and turned to see my dog and two cats spread out leisurely on my bed.

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2010-02-09 12:25:23 / Rating: 604.75 /

Puppy Love

Although you are attractive, you are still a dog and you may not drink from my glass.

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2009-01-23 14:23:48 / Rating: 819 /

fancy spatula

Every surface of my home is covered in dog hair, and it serves two purposes: it reminds me of how much I enjoy sharing my life with my dogs and it deters my mother from visiting unannounced.

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2008-10-30 17:19:24 / Rating: 632.25 /


We thought my dog had a tick and tried "smoking it out" with a hot match only to discover it was her nipple.

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2008-05-14 13:56:41 / Rating: 800.75 /


When I stare into my eleven year old Basset Hound's eyes, I could swear she was telling me that everything was going to be okay.

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2007-10-22 14:06:54 / Rating: 480 /

don't breed your dog

If I see another dog get dumped at the shelter, I just might save it or kill myself.

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2007-09-26 07:57:38 / Rating: 689.75 /


One thing I used to obsess about was how I'd get my dog out of my window to save him when my house was on fire.

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2007-09-10 12:09:25 / Rating: 694.25 /

Doom of Doom

We only had him for less than 36 hours, but when our new puppy died of giardia, I cried as if I had him for years.

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2007-05-23 13:16:55 / Rating: 588.25 /

Dave Walls

I wish new puppies came with a warranty and a box of diapers.

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2007-05-17 09:48:13 / Rating: 490 /

Just a guy

A hooker stole my best friend's dog.

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2007-04-25 15:55:20 / Rating: 758 /


"Why did I want a dog?" I thought to myself as I emptied the pooper scooper.

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2007-04-23 12:59:50 / Rating: 583.75 /