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I listened horrified as my niece described her earthquake survival story then her long nine kilometer walk back home in bare feet, through broken glass, wrecked and flooded streets, carrying her two year old.

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2011-03-04 12:20:18 / Rating: 475 /


During a 6.2 earthquake that shook our building violently, my half-asleep husband sat up, looked at me in confusion and asked, "What are you doing?"

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2009-07-06 09:27:49 / Rating: 960.75 /

Jesse Glass

I dreamed in my 10th story hotel room that I was on a roller-coaster in America, but when I awoke I was in the middle of an earthquake in Ginza, Japan.

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2007-06-01 11:32:09 / Rating: 563 /


I opened a door at the exact moment an earthquake began, so I shut the door.

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2006-09-27 10:05:02 / Rating: 518 /