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At 3:45 a.m. I stood at the front desk, waiting for the emergency responders to come down from room 207, and I thought, "It's Thanksgiving Day."

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2011-11-24 21:27:17 / Rating: 214.5 /


The 9-1-1 EMTs arrived after the seven longest minutes of my life.

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2009-11-30 13:02:31 / Rating: 367.75 /

never the same

I watched her tiny tummy sucking in, her skin pulling tight against her ribs, her hand involuntarily closing on my index finger as she struggled for every breath, and I thought, "One day, is one day too much to ask?"

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2008-12-22 15:51:17 / Rating: 1097.25 /


I called 911 and discovered that I don't know how to stay calm in an emergency.

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2008-10-06 13:13:25 / Rating: 365.25 /

Out Of It

As I sat in the waiting room, calling relatives about our brand new daughter, I heard "Code blue, maternity ward, recovery room" announced over the PA system.

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2008-04-22 12:12:16 / Rating: 544.75 /