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Not a Smooth Operator

When she popped in the Al Green CD I assumed she was giving me the green light, but after I kissed her she broke the news that she had a boyfriend.

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2011-04-12 09:01:19 / Rating: 498.5 /


My ex-husband chose to divorce me via text message.

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2011-01-04 09:35:17 / Rating: 412.75 /


I did not expect the weekend before my career-defining exam to include 22 hours of vomiting, being stalked, or losing a best friend.

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2009-03-05 11:27:30 / Rating: 332.25 /

Kindergarden attempts

At six-years-old my friends passed around a discarded, lit cigarette smoking it perfectly while I couldn't take a drag properly no matter how hard I tried.

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2008-05-01 14:28:28 / Rating: 783 /


The number two student in my class of over 600, I felt my self-worth diminish rapidly as Columbia, Brown, and Princeton all decided I wasn't good enough.

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2008-04-01 12:04:46 / Rating: 444 /

happy 25th birthday BRYAN, love mom

Insignificant, I am the mother of a 25-year-old son for whom I neither baked a cake nor mailed a birthday card--I did call him--and I want you to know that perhaps your mother feels as guilty as I do about it and that we LOVE YOU--our precious sons--despite our laziness.

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2007-10-15 14:39:45 / Rating: 726.75 /


I went into the final exam confident, came out confident, and I failed.

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2007-05-23 13:16:05 / Rating: 587.25 /


I was the smartest person on my floor of my dorm, and probably the richest too, but I was also the only one to flunk out.

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2007-05-21 10:16:25 / Rating: 694 /


Five years and a college degree later, I've discovered that a "risk" is essentially defined by the possibility of failure.

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2007-05-17 13:47:36 / Rating: 592.75 /


My eyes watered and I got all choked up as the officer checked off the "FAIL" box on my road test application for the 2nd time this week.

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2007-01-24 17:52:22 / Rating: 500.75 /

Sociologist Tina

I fear that people would believe me to be a malingerer, and even my estranged father, upon hearing about the dilemma which my symptoms presented, commented, "I think you're allergic to work."

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2006-12-27 11:55:49 / Rating: 857 /


At 9am I was turned down for a promotion and at 3pm found out that I failed the professional exam I was sure I had passed.

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2006-12-15 22:05:48 / Rating: 525.5 /