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exaltation of larks

I will always blame my inability to fall asleep and the subsequent years of depression on you letting me fall out of a two story window when I was a toddler.

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2009-08-18 09:50:12 / Rating: 480.75 /

One summer

He bounced off three branches before hitting the ground, but when he got up the first thing he said was, "Don't tell Mom!"

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2009-03-27 12:40:39 / Rating: 670.75 /

Laura M

I still feel a tremor run through my body each time I walk downstairs, even though you survived the fall.

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2008-03-20 16:08:09 / Rating: 348.75 /


The night I became an uncle I learned to ride a unicycle.

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2008-02-05 10:41:59 / Rating: 639.25 /


The snow fell of the roof with a heavy thud, just like my poor Uncle Martin did a few winters prior.

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2007-04-16 12:43:01 / Rating: 865.5 /


I fell down a flight of stairs, got up, stumbled across the landing, and then fell down a second flight of stairs.

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2006-08-19 22:37:39 / Rating: 860 /