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You had already punched me once and I had forgiven you, but when you raised your fist against my little sister you stopped being my father and became a monster.

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2012-02-21 14:41:16 / Rating: 675 /

Obscure Chess Buddy

She never invited me to her father's funeral because she didn't think I knew him well enough but I never told her that, when she was at boarding school, I used to play chess with him every Saturday at 2:00 and lose.

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2012-01-05 11:22:49 / Rating: 617 /


We visited him in the hospital over 100 times during the last 14 years, but the one time we didn't go was the one time it counted.

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2011-11-11 11:33:34 / Rating: 452.75 /


Not long after my mother left us, my father said he would leave if one of us didn't admit breaking the old, battered lamp in the sitting-room.

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2011-01-27 15:50:12 / Rating: 575.25 /


As they shovelled the earth over his grave, I tried to swallow back the fear that one day he might crawl out of there to come and get me.

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2011-01-12 12:29:08 / Rating: 587.75 /


We drove directly into the slums of Detroit just to buy the Polish treats from your childhood and when you pointed out the crack-deal going on down the street rather than ushering me out of that place as fast as possible, I was proud to call you my father.

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2010-12-23 13:52:08 / Rating: 615.5 /


I figured I'd be alright after comforting my grief counselor while they cried after talking about the death of my father.

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2010-12-07 09:39:30 / Rating: 655.25 /


I had felt so relieved when I remembered to take the envelope of nude pictures of myself with me when I went to my room that night, and it still makes me cringe to think what my father must have thought when he found them on the bathroom counter the next morning.

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2010-09-13 15:23:50 / Rating: 371.25 /

Im sorry

I am ashamed that it took my daughter writing "therapy" on her birthday wishlist for me to realize that she needed help.

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2010-07-02 14:25:56 / Rating: 802.25 /


My grandma was waiting for my dad to take her to the hairdresser, but when he didn't show she went up to his room only to find empty wine bottles, pills, and him dead on the couch.

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2010-02-25 08:03:18 / Rating: 620.75 /


My brother and I talk about everything, except the time our father spent in a mental hospital.

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2010-02-16 13:28:31 / Rating: 516.5 /


After he died, I thought my grandmother would still love my sisters and me.

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2010-02-09 12:29:20 / Rating: 445.5 /


I wonder what their lives are like now, whether they're happy, and if they ever let themselves remember the night in 1981 when they were drunk and ran that Volkswagen van off the road playing "chicken."

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2010-02-02 12:50:43 / Rating: 681.5 /


When I asked him how his day had been my father shrugged and said "It was okay," in a non-committal way, because we were still ten minutes from home, and only then would he feel able to tell me my brother had been killed.

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2009-12-30 09:06:58 / Rating: 792.25 /

I'm sorry

The only thing that I can remember about it is the strange looking chair that I had to sit in, and how you never hugged me after that.

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2009-10-05 14:55:53 / Rating: 571 /


When I arrived at my dad's house after hearing he had died of a heart attack, the first words my mother said to me were, "Did you tell your dad you are gay?"

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2009-06-26 13:42:02 / Rating: 699.75 /


I was the maddest I had ever been when he forgot to wake me up for my doctor's appointment, until I found him sitting dead in his chair.

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2009-06-19 16:23:27 / Rating: 687 /


While walking down a street in New Orleans with his wife and two young daughters, my father was approached by a prostitute.

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2009-05-28 15:02:14 / Rating: 628 /


I think what bothers me the most is that my mother pretends not to understand why I will never leave my children alone at their house.

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2009-02-12 12:32:54 / Rating: 981 /

never the same

I watched her tiny tummy sucking in, her skin pulling tight against her ribs, her hand involuntarily closing on my index finger as she struggled for every breath, and I thought, "One day, is one day too much to ask?"

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2008-12-22 15:51:17 / Rating: 1097.25 /


It took him 30 practice swings just to flop horribly on his one actual swing.

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2008-11-12 10:00:01 / Rating: 490 /


I went to my father's second wedding tripping on acid and wasn't invited to his third.

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2008-10-28 11:15:43 / Rating: 911.25 /


My dad slammed the balsa-wood battleship he spent 1000 hours building against the wall when he had found we kids ruined it by floating it in the rain water.

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2008-09-12 14:29:49 / Rating: 582.5 /


I got up quietly, went out the side door, snuck around the back, and there was my father sneaking a cigerette, too.

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2008-07-30 14:42:41 / Rating: 679.5 /


The sadness and disappointment in my father's voice once I told him I killed the crab moved me to tears.

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2008-07-18 01:28:34 / Rating: 658.5 /


When my dad finally decided that having a gay child was better than having a dead child, we started talking again.

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2008-07-01 15:14:52 / Rating: 1086.5 /


It's a good thing the local news camera was only shooting from the chest up, because other than his tuxedo jacket, he was wearing fishnets, army boots, and not much else.

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2008-06-06 17:11:35 / Rating: 709.25 /


I had never seen my father cry until he found my pet bunny Coco dead in my backyard.

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2008-05-30 10:08:31 / Rating: 742.5 /

lawrence berezin

I did not say goodbye to my Dad as he left for work the last time.

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2008-05-30 10:03:56 / Rating: 765 /


I remember distinctly the last time my daddy told me he was proud of me, because I think that's the last time I'm ever going to hear it.

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2008-04-28 12:16:49 / Rating: 635 /


While driving home and contemplating what my father said to me, I realized how terrified I am by the idea of doing anything for 30 years.

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2008-04-28 10:49:52 / Rating: 609 /

Oh Me

While he is in Alaska living an adventure, I am here, missing my father.

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2008-04-22 12:14:09 / Rating: 568.25 /


In order to feel as if he had some sort of control over his cancer, my father would search the streets for a dollar in change before each chemo session.

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2008-04-21 13:59:16 / Rating: 780 /


As I tried to get up from the sofa, my still-sleeping baby girl rolled over, grabbed my shirt with both tiny hands, and would not let go.

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2008-04-10 14:56:53 / Rating: 720.25 /


I was grateful to my father for finding the ointment until I realized it had expired nineteen years earlier.

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2008-03-27 20:35:19 / Rating: 600 /


When I found you sitting dead in your chair, my first thought was, "Who's going to give me away at my wedding?"

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2008-03-26 13:15:29 / Rating: 708.75 /


When I was seven I made my dad a Father's Day card that said, "Dad, thanks for always taking me to the beer store."

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2008-03-20 16:08:29 / Rating: 851.75 /


After hearing from my mother that my father had lung cancer, the only thing I knew to do was light up a cigarette.

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2008-03-20 16:07:14 / Rating: 684.75 /


My father died when I was six and the day after, I wrote in my diary that I was feeling better.

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2008-02-20 12:52:10 / Rating: 880.75 /


My dad was slowly bleeding to death by the roadside some 100 meters away when I was washing the dishes for the first time in my life.

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2008-01-16 14:45:17 / Rating: 772.5 /

My dad, always looking for a bargain, picked up an ugly, dying, needles-falling-off tree on Christmas Eve; five hours later, he was dead and the tree was still there.

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2007-12-19 11:11:01 / Rating: 746.5 /

temporary hartsfield resident

Saving 100 bucks is more important to my father than me not having to spend 6 hours in the Atlanta airport waiting for a connecting flight.

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2007-12-04 15:30:08 / Rating: 584.5 /


My father died as I asked my grandmother why she was crying.

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2007-11-24 18:30:06 / Rating: 774.5 /


I swung the axe convinced I could show my dad a thing or two about cutting wood, but the lesson I learned that day was taught by my toe.

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2007-11-07 13:14:36 / Rating: 687.5 /


While eating artichokes, one of his favorite dishes, Daddy told us how one night out walking he'd found a shoebox on the pier in Panama and when he opened the lid, inside was a dead baby.

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2007-08-19 21:33:51 / Rating: 726 /

the other son

After I read that email, I wished the pain in my stomach was a result of being punched rather than finding out that my father never really loved me.

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2007-07-11 12:57:28 / Rating: 656 /


Perhaps it was karmic retribution that in rising to hug my father goodbye, my kneecap dislocated, and I never got that hug.

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2007-06-26 16:57:03 / Rating: 890.5 /


I learned that my father had written a Cold War-era spy novel from a eulogist at his funeral.

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2007-06-20 20:57:48 / Rating: 662.75 /


Right before my father died nearly 20 years ago, he told me to quit smoking, and last month I finally did.

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2007-06-15 12:57:12 / Rating: 811.5 /

Altruistic Cynic

It wasn't until after my father passed that I realized I was meant to take his place as my hero.

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2007-06-13 10:10:00 / Rating: 823.25 /


Tears poured down my cheeks when I heard my Dad was going to Iraq.

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2007-04-11 10:41:09 / Rating: 756.5 /


I would never tell my family this, but I blame my father's wife for his death.

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2007-01-23 14:35:12 / Rating: 647 /

Sociologist Tina

I fear that people would believe me to be a malingerer, and even my estranged father, upon hearing about the dilemma which my symptoms presented, commented, "I think you're allergic to work."

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2006-12-27 11:55:49 / Rating: 857 /


I never knew what I wanted from life, except to be a better father to my children (if I have any) than mine was to me.

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2006-12-22 00:33:17 / Rating: 791 /


I knew as I walked out, you'd make sure your brother and sister were safe, but I never expected you to survive your childhood.

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2006-12-03 23:22:35 / Rating: 849.75 /


I can't forgive my father.

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2006-11-13 14:19:48 / Rating: 728 /


When the teacher asked my third grade class what they wanted to be when they grew up, I stood up and replied, "Not my father."

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2006-09-29 11:33:40 / Rating: 843.75 /


My father smiled at me accross the Christmas dinner table and I heard quite clearly the sound of sleighbells.

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2006-09-28 15:56:22 / Rating: 581 /


When I went to my father's crippled car, a few hours after the wreck, I found both of his shoes on the floorboard surrounded by blood and covered in glass.

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2006-09-11 10:25:35 / Rating: 804 /


I held my father's hand as he died in that hospital room and realized I'd never held his hand before that moment.

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2006-09-10 00:30:06 / Rating: 3788.25 /