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My fear of needles is so intense that even under 200 milligrams of Valium, I still sharply pulled away from the surgeon when he went to give me the anesthetic for my wisdom teeth removal.

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2012-03-29 21:22:57 / Rating: 283.25 /


At 3:45 a.m. I stood at the front desk, waiting for the emergency responders to come down from room 207, and I thought, "It's Thanksgiving Day."

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2011-11-24 21:27:17 / Rating: 213.75 /


My therapist finished reading the journal entry from three-years-ago and looked at me with wide, sad eyes, finally understanding.

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2010-12-08 13:13:48 / Rating: 587.5 /


I wanted to cover my ears and block out what sounded like an animal in pain, but it was more important to squish my little sister against me and prevent her from hearing our mother die.

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It's scary when ten little kids glare daggers at you and even scarier when you realize that they're all a higher belts than you.

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2009-05-21 15:44:34 / Rating: 446.25 /


My twin brother told me that if he thought God told him to kill me, he wouldn't think twice.

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2009-05-19 08:37:45 / Rating: 687.25 /


At the age of 12 after a night of particularly heavy discipline, I screamed at my mother that I had called the cops and she told me she might have breast cancer.

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2009-05-08 08:03:06 / Rating: 626 /


I knew he loved me when he admitted his refusal to let me sleep by the window was for fear of a stray bullet.

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2009-02-26 20:26:19 / Rating: 1106 /


It's easy to make fun of the 26-year-old girl who is afraid of fireworks until you find out that it's not the fireworks themselves but the sounds that remind her of gunshots.

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2009-02-12 12:33:38 / Rating: 864.5 /

S Fuller

As I was being wheeled into emergency surgery, under the haze of a morphine-induced dream, I wholeheartedly believed I was going to my death, and I was truly horrified.

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2008-12-19 11:39:40 / Rating: 564.5 /


As soon as I heard my father ask 'Why is the toilet seat in bed with her?' that morning, I kicked myself for not checking on my sickly mother the night before.

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2008-10-13 16:21:24 / Rating: 510.25 /


If I were in a warrior culture that views being alert as a great attribute, my fear of sleep would be accepted, understood and even praised instead of diagnosed and treated.

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2008-08-11 15:42:52 / Rating: 529 /

Youth Minister

Its four in the morning, I'm still sitting at Denny's smoking, and I just now realized that it's because going to sleep means having to wake up tomorrow.

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2008-07-30 14:34:41 / Rating: 607.25 /


By the age of eight I had decided that my worst fear in life would be to ever get haemorrhoids, and I even spelt it right as I wrote it on my grade 3 paper.

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2008-07-08 09:53:46 / Rating: 594 /

not so scared anymore

I haven't seen my abusive brother since I was 10 and he just found me on myspace.

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2008-04-28 10:51:33 / Rating: 726.75 /


In order to feel as if he had some sort of control over his cancer, my father would search the streets for a dollar in change before each chemo session.

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2008-04-21 13:59:16 / Rating: 779.25 /


We had a bomb threat and an unrelated code red lockdown on the same day, five days before the anniversary of the VT massacre and nine days before the anniversary of Columbine.

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2008-04-15 10:15:49 / Rating: 432.75 /

Heather Rose

My biggest fear is that she will grow up and wish that I had gone through with the adoption.

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2008-02-22 16:08:04 / Rating: 730 /


Laying in bad with my girlfriend and child as they slept, I felt deep in my gut that my divorce was not because I became a lesbian at all, but because of post-partum depression.

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2007-10-29 10:11:45 / Rating: 514.75 /


I never feared a shoe, but as I sit bleeding profusely from my nose, I began to.

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2007-10-02 15:45:39 / Rating: 552.25 /


My trust in the postal system was destroyed the day we received dead cockroaches in the mail.

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2007-09-28 17:10:28 / Rating: 727.5 /


I finally realized I had to leave when he admitted he threw our four year old across the room after he had finished the fifth of whiskey.

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2007-09-21 15:19:03 / Rating: 695.5 /


I was scared when the security guard at the mall tried to help me, because ever since that night, I haven't been able to trust anyone in uniform.

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2007-08-01 12:39:43 / Rating: 513 /

how i'd like to be credited

As my eyes started welling up in fright in pre-op, I could hear the accelerating beeps on the heart rate monitor and started to regret not sneaking out of the bathroom window when I had the chance.

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2007-07-03 17:14:23 / Rating: 473 /


I saw an advert for what could be my dream job, but the prospect of getting it and moving away from the small village I've lived in my whole life to London terrifies me too much to even apply.

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2007-06-04 11:35:01 / Rating: 569.5 /

A Sub

In my early 20's I went to an S&M party wanting to be a 'slave' to a Dominant Woman but left before the party started, because I was a slave to my fears.

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2006-11-16 00:07:43 / Rating: 487.25 /

A. Mouse

The scariest thing anyone has ever said to me is that they thought I was capable of rape.

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2006-11-06 09:30:05 / Rating: 555.75 /


I didn't know what frightened me more, waking up covered in blood or realizing it was mine.

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2006-11-01 16:19:18 / Rating: 674.25 /


It's not the hangovers I fear the most, but the fact that I've lost a few hours of my life that I can never get back.

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2006-10-23 09:35:17 / Rating: 714.5 /


I'm always living in fear.

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2006-08-12 16:15:01 / Rating: 460.75 /