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Brian R.

The pee was on the seat when I got there, but telling you this in passing has been a major setback in me getting your phone number tonight.

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2011-01-14 13:18:21 / Rating: 511 /


He was smiling at me until he realized that all he was ringing in for me was a box of laxatives.

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2008-07-07 10:35:22 / Rating: 463.25 /

Theoretical Theory

Every time that my supervisor and I flirt, it seems that it is less of a joke than the time before.

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2007-12-28 13:51:44 / Rating: 544 /

Flirting Illiterate

Until that night I'd never realized talking about video games at a bar constituted as flirting.

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2007-12-27 12:26:54 / Rating: 449 /

passing notes

Two days later, I realized that he might have been flirting with me after all.

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2007-06-26 16:56:45 / Rating: 468.25 /