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It was not until I dropped my declaration of independence into the mailbox that I could breathe again.

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2011-01-12 12:29:00 / Rating: 362.75 /


On my 30th birthday I got rid of my horrible husband, changed the locks, got a tattoo on my foot and spent the night with the man I really loved.

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2009-03-09 12:13:17 / Rating: 876.75 /

La Fille Italiano

The fact that I continued running past him for five miles is more symbolic to me than the fact that I started bawling the moment I was in the confines of my home.

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2007-10-25 13:29:43 / Rating: 597.25 /

An obedient little man

I spent hours driving aimlessly that night, so I could feel free for a change.

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2007-04-11 10:40:48 / Rating: 568.5 /


The work week seems to be a repeating blip that echoes a nasty scratch on the record of life.

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2007-02-12 12:32:42 / Rating: 1004.75 /