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At the funeral, the bloodied, torn knuckles of my best friend spoke volumes about how he tried to release his only son from the noose.

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2013-09-18 11:34:58 / Rating: 698 /

Obscure Chess Buddy

She never invited me to her father's funeral because she didn't think I knew him well enough but I never told her that, when she was at boarding school, I used to play chess with him every Saturday at 2:00 and lose.

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2012-01-05 11:22:49 / Rating: 616.25 /


Less than a year later, a cop in my health class was making an example of him by saying how stupid he was.

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2011-07-18 09:48:02 / Rating: 503.75 /


All my mom's kids have two middle names, but one of mine comes from a woman whose son set the fire that killed her in her sleep.

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2011-06-06 08:04:05 / Rating: 671.75 /

work sentence

A friend and I tried making our own version of One Sentence at work, but all we got back were poor motivational one liners and complaints about spammed inboxes.

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2010-11-10 15:39:14 / Rating: 470.5 /

The Reciever

Every postcard from every new European city was like a stab to the heart.

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2010-08-19 14:45:45 / Rating: 494 /

are you

Her mom was the one who died and she asked me if I was okay.

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2010-07-23 13:15:27 / Rating: 510.5 /

welch's grapes

I couldn't stop thinking about how that picture board had been made for a graduation party, not a funeral.

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2010-05-12 10:34:43 / Rating: 747.5 /


I should have bought a lottery ticket the day an apartment-complex neighbor with about a 30% overlap in movie tastes got the same movie we did, on the same day.

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2010-02-24 15:28:24 / Rating: 348.75 /


The moment my friend proudly said that he can "rock a shaved head" proved that he is much stronger than I am in dealing with his cancer.

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2009-05-08 07:58:57 / Rating: 704 /


I seriously wasn't expecting *that* long of an awkward silence after her mother joked that we should get back together.

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2009-03-16 12:01:30 / Rating: 485.5 /


My mom's old cat still insists on purring when he sees me, even though a tumor on his vocal chords means he can't breathe when he does so.

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2009-03-09 12:13:26 / Rating: 1230.25 /


My friend who is really skinny and I think has the ideal body can't fit her butt into the jeans I'm wearing right now and I still feel fat.

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2009-02-18 21:34:12 / Rating: 446.75 /


I was copy editor of my yearbook and purposely spelled our class president's name wrong, just to make my depressed friend smile.

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2009-01-28 12:29:39 / Rating: 705.5 /


Finally, I get to sing a duet on stage with my friend with whom I've always wanted to sing a duet on stage.

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2009-01-27 11:30:07 / Rating: 324.5 /


He wrote, "See you next year when you're a boy and I'm a girl."

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2009-01-15 12:37:28 / Rating: 677.75 /


I didn't believe his name was Spontaneous Search Party, until he showed me his Medicare card.

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2008-12-01 15:48:16 / Rating: 469.25 /


My jaw dropped as my host mom politely, in French, informed my best friend that she has a small brain.

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2008-11-14 15:18:57 / Rating: 420.5 /

The Girl Who Admired You

When the pastor told us we'd be waiting 10 more minutes to start the funeral services because the line was still down the block, I knew that the world was missing someone who was starting to make a difference.

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2008-09-08 10:55:41 / Rating: 831 /

friend of a friend

I stumbled upon a DVD of yours in our collection and put it aside to give back, only to find out moments later that you were dead.

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2008-08-11 16:32:18 / Rating: 842 /


You know you are too much of a people-pleaser when you, a straight girl, hook up with a lesbian who is into you and pretend to really like it so you don't hurt her feelings.

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2008-08-06 16:33:50 / Rating: 924.5 /

Censorhip Sucks...

I realized what liberal parents I had when my friend got in trouble for reading one of the books I lent her.

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2008-07-16 10:54:07 / Rating: 591 /


Two years after he died, and my heart still jumps when I see a guy who looks like John.

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2008-06-04 09:56:58 / Rating: 633.75 /

Less one friend

I hadn't seen her in twelve years, but my heart still broke when I saw her picture on CNN with "Missing" underneath it.

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2008-05-28 15:57:35 / Rating: 689.75 /


We were going to stay up all night recording experimental music on his computer like John and Yoko, but then his mom came in and told us it was time for him to go to bed.

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2008-05-21 09:36:07 / Rating: 713.25 /

Facebook informed me that I'm not actually as important to my best friend as I thought.

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2008-04-25 13:57:33 / Rating: 682 /


Over two months later and I still can't bring myself to delete his name from my phone

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2008-04-08 17:04:35 / Rating: 882.5 /


I panicked as my best friend was looking through my things and grabbed the box where I keep the razors I used to cut myself for so many years.

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2008-04-01 12:04:26 / Rating: 573.5 /

Regretful Lack of Attention

My best friend hung himself on a Friday afternoon, and when I checked my cell phone the morning of his funeral I realized he had called me that day at 3:24PM.

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2008-01-02 15:30:08 / Rating: 1364.25 /


When I thought of how much my friend has done for his girlfriend, I realized how ugly Helen of Troy must have been that there was only a war because of her.

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2007-12-31 11:53:57 / Rating: 864.25 /


Fred died less than sixteen hours after he attended our concert, after which he had repeatedly told us how well we'd done.

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2007-12-19 11:13:15 / Rating: 893 /

Amelia Larson

When my phone rang, I expected to hear her voice, but all I heard was her mother crying and saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I didn't believe you."

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2007-11-09 11:02:54 / Rating: 1111.25 /


Midway through my father's funeral, I realized that almost everyone at the service probably thought my best friend--whose hand I was clinging to--was my lesbian lover.

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2007-10-15 17:32:11 / Rating: 752.25 /


Well, when the weird kid brings a M-16 to school, at least I won't be the first shot.

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2007-09-27 12:29:09 / Rating: 640 /


After I hadn't heard from you in a while, I looked you up, and found out you had died in a motorcycle accident eight months ago.

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2007-08-10 13:05:21 / Rating: 707.5 /

Harrison's Daddy

I then came to realize that because of such freakish weather that winter, that global warming took my friends life.

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2007-07-03 17:17:31 / Rating: 617 /


My best friend had morals until she met me.

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2007-06-21 09:34:50 / Rating: 506 /


It makes me angry and sad that every time I go visit my pregnant friend, she's always drunk, and she thinks I'm the one with the drinking problem.

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2007-06-19 14:08:19 / Rating: 689.75 /

J Rock

I didn't realize what a good friend he was until my wife left me for him.

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2007-06-15 13:36:51 / Rating: 477.75 /

Robert Gillmer

I had gone 28 years - my entire life - without touching a dead body, and I'm quite content to go another 28 years before doing it again.

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2007-06-13 10:10:23 / Rating: 768 /

call me dave

If I'd have known it was the last thing I was going to say to him, I would've made sure he knew how much of a great mate he was.

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2007-02-23 09:17:24 / Rating: 640.5 /


My friend joined a gym in San Francisco, and he realized something was up when there was no female locker room or clientele.

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2006-08-09 23:39:18 / Rating: 534 /