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An hour late

I found out about my friend's attempted suicide as I pulled into her driveway to cheer her up.

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2012-02-21 13:26:26 / Rating: 336.75 /


It was when my schizophrenic patient gave me a diamond ring for Christmas that I realized my friends were right all those years when they called me "flirty."

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2011-03-30 15:45:24 / Rating: 669.25 /


My friends can't decide whether to be creeped out or amused by the fact that I have it bad for the girl who was my roommate for a week in a mental hospital.

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2011-02-03 09:10:17 / Rating: 788.25 /


As I heard "maybe we should just be friends" for the 14th time in 4 years I began to think my current approach wasn't working.

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2010-05-18 16:03:14 / Rating: 585.75 /

Auntie Boo

Today I made new friends in my dorm by passing out the cupcakes that were left over from my niece's second birthday party that got cancelled because she got a fever so high she had a seizure and stopped breathing until my sister gave her mouth to mouth.

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2010-01-27 09:30:19 / Rating: 489.75 /

S. Wofford

She confessed afterwards that she had never seen a real life spit-take until she had dinner with my family.

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2009-12-28 15:26:00 / Rating: 486.5 /


Good friends cover your naked ass when you throw your back out while in the shower, but best friends laugh hysterically and make grandma jokes first.

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2009-12-04 08:53:07 / Rating: 728.5 /

The wandering homeless

The day I dropped out of high school, botched my entrance into Harvard, and set out on my journey across the country on foot was the day I realized I would come back for you, and only you.

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2009-09-17 14:36:15 / Rating: 841 /

Oh My

The police officer looked surprised when he walked up to the dark car and found us not having sex.

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2009-07-17 11:13:14 / Rating: 568.5 /


As I listened to my friends joke about bulemia, I wondered what they would say if they knew what I did every night after dinner.

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2009-06-22 15:26:10 / Rating: 449.5 /


I love the fact that we were best friends for 12 years because once, on the very first day of school, I accidentally took home one of her pencils.

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2009-05-28 15:01:04 / Rating: 499 /


In the last two months, I've seen my drug dealer more than my best friend.

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2009-05-28 14:59:46 / Rating: 546.75 /

bad best friend

The day I got fed up with her daily suicide threats and didn't call to make sure she was okay was the day she was found dead.

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2009-04-30 10:09:37 / Rating: 713.5 /

Not A Runner

My body thinks I should find new running partners- the kind that don't compete in marathons.

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2009-03-16 12:03:40 / Rating: 486 /

Old Friendship, Old Love

That day my high school roommate opened our bakery alone because I was getting ready to marry her brother.

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2009-02-06 14:14:18 / Rating: 539 /


All he said was, "Jonathan died today at one."

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2009-01-21 15:03:47 / Rating: 522 /


I unfriended them all from my Facebook page because I didn't want them to share my joys or enjoy my sorrow.

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2008-12-02 13:06:55 / Rating: 739.5 /


My bestfriend really wanted a bob cut but her mother wouldn't let her chop off her long locks, so I decided to help her out by sticking gum on her hair.

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2008-11-21 15:50:49 / Rating: 587 /


I lost most of my friends, the respect of my parents, and the desire to kill myself when I finally told everyone the truth about what I believe.

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2008-11-06 14:17:27 / Rating: 986.25 /


Three were raped, one abused, one is forever unsatisfied with who she is, two, maybe three are cutters, one truly believes she's a slut by nature, one is seventeen with the mind of a ten year old, one is an orphan, one is as mental as I am, and I wouldn't trade any of them for all the perfect friends in the world.

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2008-10-13 16:48:59 / Rating: 832.5 /


I'm only 16, so why do I have to be the adult in every situation?

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2008-08-26 10:21:44 / Rating: 687.25 /


I love my friends, because who else would help me pack up and move 3 bedrooms worth of furniture and stuff in 5 hours, while my abusive, now ex, boyfriend was at work, blissfully unaware of my escape.

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2008-06-10 15:26:06 / Rating: 1026.25 /

What are the odds?

I knew God had a sense of humor when I hesitantly answered the ringing K-Mart payphone, only to hear my best friend, who had misdialed my home phone number, on the other end.

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2008-06-10 10:39:09 / Rating: 6684.25 /


We noticed we were wearing the same shirt during freshman English and 11 years later, he was the best man in my wedding.

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2008-05-22 12:33:12 / Rating: 709.25 /

Kindergarden attempts

At six-years-old my friends passed around a discarded, lit cigarette smoking it perfectly while I couldn't take a drag properly no matter how hard I tried.

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2008-05-01 14:28:28 / Rating: 783.25 /


We bought a house last week but we haven't told our friends or family.

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2008-03-21 17:06:54 / Rating: 680.75 /

Michele G.

None of us realized how loudly we were talking until the word "vagina" rang out into the hallway and seemed to just hang there like red neon.

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2008-03-05 12:37:04 / Rating: 686.5 /


I waited for him to hit me, instead he replied, "She'll probably cheat on you too."

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2008-02-11 16:53:16 / Rating: 2611.75 /


Some of my friends made me so mad today that I think I just might keep the Christmas presents I just wrapped for them.

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2007-12-13 00:19:49 / Rating: 533 /

jroz b.l.

My friends made me listen to metal music, in hopes of making me hardcore.

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2007-12-07 14:57:56 / Rating: 520.75 /


I convinced all of my housemates that they shared my craving for grilled cheese and tomato soup, so that my craving could be fulfilled.

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2007-11-09 11:02:18 / Rating: 604.25 /


There are two kinds of friends in the world: the ones who help you up when you've passed out in a bar and call a cab and the ones that take 'funny' pictures of you.

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2007-11-05 13:20:56 / Rating: 2292 /


My love for him deepened significantly when he offered to cosign my student loans.

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2007-10-25 10:45:30 / Rating: 778.75 /


I don't resent the fact that she jumped on me in the swimming pool, because now I can tell people that the scar on my forehead was put there by the knee of a flying Asian.

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2007-10-25 10:35:54 / Rating: 876 /


My "friends" must think I have problems with my stomach because all they ever hear is, "Sorry I missed your call 'cuz I was in the bathroom."

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2007-10-05 10:23:53 / Rating: 555.25 /


You should have seen the looks on their faces when I, the girl who abhors underage drinking, announced that one of my goals in life is to try Canadian beer.

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2007-08-28 23:05:44 / Rating: 572.5 /

This is me

The one thing I don't like about being an adult is the people always want to have serious, meaningful conversations.

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2007-08-19 21:37:14 / Rating: 707.75 /


When one of my high school "friends" posted what I'm sure he thought was a brilliantly scathing review of the 5th Harry Potter movie, all I could do was be surprised at his ignorant expectations.

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2007-07-16 15:24:43 / Rating: 563 /

Meet me at Jack's

My boyfriend would flip if he knew that my best friend "Kelly" who I visit on the weekends is really my best friend Kevin.

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2007-07-05 17:29:24 / Rating: 680.75 /


The only advantage to accidentally reading spoilers is being able to hold them over your friends heads for weeks to come.

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2007-07-03 17:10:44 / Rating: 536.5 /


I laughed when he tried to send a text message to her because I secretly changed her phone number when he wasn't looking.

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2007-06-22 10:43:54 / Rating: 797 /

jibun kakushi

I realized that he never once knocked on my door unless he needed something.

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2007-05-21 10:14:46 / Rating: 461.25 /

Kelly #1

And that's when I decided to let my friends choose their own bridesmaid's dresses when my wedding came.

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2007-05-17 13:47:50 / Rating: 755.5 /


My good male friend always points out girls that he finds attractive-most of whom I completely disagree with-but then I wonder why he doesn't think I'm pretty.

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2007-03-30 11:25:55 / Rating: 679.5 /

A kid

Maybe I was wrong, but your "I love you" felt more heartfelt when you thought I was addicted.

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2007-03-16 13:43:12 / Rating: 877.25 /


Friends are there for you no matter what, unless they sleep with your boyfriend.

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2007-01-01 19:56:20 / Rating: 842.25 /


When she asked today if I love him, I replied with "yes."

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2006-12-22 00:31:49 / Rating: 518.75 /

Someone you know

We're not going to be ok...

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2006-11-16 16:02:54 / Rating: 812 /

Pocketwatch Pope

It wasn't until the next day that they found out they had both called me at the same time and that, if they hadn't, none of us would have been alive to realize it.

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2006-11-05 11:42:39 / Rating: 690.25 /


My friends always told me, "When something is wrong talk to us, we are here for you," and when I did they told me not too.

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2006-10-02 14:43:45 / Rating: 575.5 /


I have begun walking down the street along side good looking strangers in the hope that other strangers will think I have good looking friends.

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2006-09-27 23:18:16 / Rating: 701 /


"My brother died" was all she said, and in that one instant, all I wanted was for us to be 19 again, and unaware of the gut wrenching pain I would feel for her 10 years later.

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2006-09-12 22:08:10 / Rating: 785.25 /


He came down for the week, and met with me almost as an afterthought, but I flittered constantly around him while he was here because being around him makes me surprisingly happy.

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2006-08-12 15:02:03 / Rating: 426.5 /