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I stopped complaining about school the day I found out my boyfriend was in special education and longed to be in a normal school.

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2011-01-12 12:30:01 / Rating: 491.25 /

Jenna Bean

When I was 10-years-old, I gave my mom a note that said, "You are a bich!" and she laughed and showed me my mistake.

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2009-01-05 08:43:59 / Rating: 1156.75 /


Today I've identified 15 objects on my desk that could kill a person.

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2008-04-25 10:37:37 / Rating: 813.75 /


I never had as long or decent a conversation with my mother as the one after I'd hit the deer and totaled the car.

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2007-10-30 14:23:23 / Rating: 635.25 /


As I struggled with my human anatomy studies, I realized that I now knew the most effective way to slit my wrists.

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2007-09-19 15:07:54 / Rating: 663.25 /


My mouse finger twitched, wanting to mark every e-mail my boss sent me as "spam."

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2007-04-23 11:23:10 / Rating: 635.5 /


I always think I can get more done in a day than I really do thanks to my 2 wild cards - ages 2 and 5.

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2006-12-05 12:27:57 / Rating: 653 /