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While everyone else threw their caps in the air for graduation, I sat and worried that my mom wouldn't still be alive when I got back to the hospital.

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2011-06-02 14:17:05 / Rating: 686.25 /


I giggled at my high school graduation when I realized the boy I was walking beside to our seats was the same boy that held my hand at the roller rink in second grade.

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2008-06-25 20:42:33 / Rating: 726.75 /


I wasn't the valedictorian, but the speech I gave to the class was so much better than hers.

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On graduation day, I gave my worst enemy since sixth grade a two-page poem that explained I hadn't ever really hated him.

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2007-09-19 15:02:38 / Rating: 556.25 /


My speech actually ended with a mental "Screw you," to all the boys who would never screw me.

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