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Writing my final Shakespeare essay seems so unimportant when you are dying in a hospital on opposite side of the country.

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The last piece of advice that my grandmother ever gave me was, "Don't dip your fries in the ice cream."

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miss milwaukee's nameless

After sighing and telling her how much I missed my Grandmother, my mom laughed and said, "She hated you."

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You know your family is dysfunctional when you discover that your mother was married two times already because you read it in your grandmother's annual Christmas letter.

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After a night of heavy drinking we woke up to find "prunes are gross, Jesus" written on her grandma's bag of prunes, with no explanation as to why.

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When my grandma talked her way out of being arrested by the Disney police, I knew it was the best vacation ever.

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The orange juice I was making while she died ended up being so sour it was undrinkable.

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My oldest sister once curiously asked my Grandma Helen why her phone number was written on her arm.

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"Your mother has never sat on a bar stool in her life," my father told me, and I replied, "Your mother has, and next to me."

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2008-06-11 13:10:02 / Rating: 381.5 /


Grandma hasn't been the same since she flipped her SUV into that ravine.

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2007-12-27 12:23:20 / Rating: 592.75 /


For three long, dreadful years of my life I lived with her, I breathed in her foul smelling second hand smoke every single day, and as she died many years later, I sat there wishing I could breathe it again just one last time.

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2007-06-15 13:43:24 / Rating: 608.75 /


I didn't cry when my grandma died so I refuse to let myself cry because of anything else.

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2007-04-16 12:43:19 / Rating: 743.25 /