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My aunt was disgusted I cried harder for the death of my dog than I did for my grandmother, but she didn't realize my dog was in my life for 16 years while grandma was only around for seven.

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I asked my 93 year old Grandmother, who I adore, what she thought life was all about and she replied, "I don't think about those type of things."

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Whenever I make a homemade pizza on a Saturday night I'm immediately brought back to my grandmother's house circa 1978.

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After her surgery she couldn't even speak English anymore, but she still remembered my birthday.

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The last piece of advice that my grandmother ever gave me was, "Don't dip your fries in the ice cream."

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Just Like Me

When I told her I wasn't pretty, smart or popular like my sisters, my grandmother agreed.

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Criminal by legacy

It's always fun to learn that your great-grandmother was evading taxes pre-World War II.

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When I came home my daughter ran up to me and said, "Grandma taught me to burp the alphabet!".

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2010-11-12 14:59:41 / Rating: 714.25 /


While they were fighting over my grandmother's furniture, I was sitting on her bed, looking at the pictures I had sent her of England, finally understanding that she was really gone.

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Shortly after telling us we needed to lose weight, my grandma was offended that we didn't want all three desserts she had prepared.

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My great-grandmother said hello to her long dead sister, smiled, and closed her eyes

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After he died, I thought my grandmother would still love my sisters and me.

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My grandmother once challenged me to a drinking contest, then proceeded to concoct an elaborate plan to cheat and win that involved her identical twin sister... and people wonder where I get it.

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The most prominent memory I have of my grandmother is the night she tried to kill me.

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During the party, an awkward silence fell in the room after my wife's grandmother asked me loudly if I'd ever seen a shaved beaver.

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I never really believed my mom's stories of how abusive her childhood was until two days ago when my grandmother pulled me aside and quietly informed me that she wished she had never ever adopted that nasty little irish girl.

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2008-09-11 20:01:57 / Rating: 899 /


My 86-year-old grandmother told me she'd always wanted to "blaze up a fat one."

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2008-04-18 10:17:03 / Rating: 1015.25 /


I was six when I woke up next to my grandma to find that she had died in her sleep.

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2008-04-02 13:50:04 / Rating: 779.75 /

Not quite yet.

My boyfriend's mother looked longingly at her niece's pregnant belly and sighed heavily before casting a sideways glance in my direction.

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2008-03-26 13:17:29 / Rating: 751 /


On her deathbed, she reached for my hand despite not knowing exactly who I was and with a thin but honest smile, asked, "However did you escape?"

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2008-01-31 12:09:26 / Rating: 961.5 /


Her first attempt at CPR shouldn't have to have been on her own mother.

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2008-01-18 10:52:35 / Rating: 718.75 /


We would spend hours "painting" her weathered, old fence with water, pretending that we were using the whitest paint around.

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My mom would have been a wonderful grandmother.

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I wondered why I was having trouble grieving the death of my mother when the counselor figured out I had not grieved the death of HER mother only 12 years earlier.

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