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If my family is Christian, then why do I remember watching Sesame Street in Yiddish?

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At my mother's funeral, my grandparents argued over the type of lettuce they had eaten the night before and I interrupted them by admitting I was pregnant.

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Make up your mind: do you want me to visit my dying grandmother or clean my room?

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I was allowed to stand next to the grave whilst his best friends and co-workers, people who not only loved him but had actually met him, had to stay confined behind the flimsy wooden fence.

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My grandpa choked up as he said, "House plants grow better when the house is filled with love, and I've never seen the house plants grow as well as they have since you moved in a year ago."

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too late

I never had the courage to talk to him when he was right upstairs but I drove for two days with no insurance to see him die the next day.

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