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The scar on my wrist reminds me that I was once very sad but now the ring on my finger tells me it is possible to be happy, very happy.

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2013-11-20 07:32:58 / Rating: 604.75 /


My dad's last note to me was "Always hear the music in your life."

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2010-02-25 08:04:29 / Rating: 805.5 /


Waking up four hours later in the hospital after I had overdosed on Tylenol, I was so happy to be alive that I thought I was cured.

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Years from now, when we fix up our own home together, I'll recall the night we wandered through Home Depot and spent 20 minutes in the doorbell section listening carefully to each one.

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2010-01-07 11:24:32 / Rating: 735.75 /

City Girl

A man was abusing his dog so I stole the dog, got arrested and fought a legal battle, and now every night when the dog jumps in bed with me I know it was worth it.

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2009-12-07 16:50:52 / Rating: 1770 /


From the moment her arms wrapped around my chest and her head found its place against my shoulder, I knew beyond a doubt that I would never think of five feet as too short ever again.

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2008-07-18 01:31:48 / Rating: 3606.5 /


Mom and Dad were separated prematurely as teenagers by her father, and it took a lifetime, several marriages and children for them to find each other again and be happy.

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2008-01-18 10:51:49 / Rating: 746.75 /

That one guy

The girl I've had a crush on for six years asked me for advice and I told her to stay with her boyfriend because I knew that would make her happy.

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2007-10-03 10:06:39 / Rating: 965.75 /

This is me

Much like the song written by "Garbage," I am always happy when it rains.

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2007-08-21 09:58:37 / Rating: 652.75 /


He knows to keep an eye on my hands, as the length of my finger nails is in direct proportion to how content I am with my life.

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2007-07-20 15:44:40 / Rating: 875.75 /


As I search for my 5th job in 14 months, I realize I'll never know what I want to be when I grow up.

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2007-04-27 16:33:47 / Rating: 492 /


I love my cars so much I run them into other objects so I never have to share.

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