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I loved everything about her, so I introduced her to all my friends, and they loved her too, so she slept with all of them.

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2010-11-05 14:24:48 / Rating: 876.5 /

No Getting Over

In almost three years of not seeing her, I've swallowed oceans of booze, smoked cartons of cigarettes, slept with a dozen different women, been arrested twice, found God, fired God, and nearly died at the hands of five angry men; and I still can't get over her.

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2010-05-03 16:29:12 / Rating: 1234.25 /

Fed Up

I hired a private investigator today.

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2009-08-06 14:52:12 / Rating: 333.5 /


His mom friended me on Facebook a week after he broke my heart.

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2008-12-02 13:05:31 / Rating: 519 /


Friends don't give friends seven orgasms.

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2008-10-10 11:16:21 / Rating: 1487.75 /

Jake Justice

As I walked away, it started to rain, and I thought it was a beautiful end to the relationship.

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2008-06-13 13:42:08 / Rating: 609.25 /


He sent her a dozen roses on Valentine's Day after five years of silence as if it would erase all the bruises he made on her now fourteen-year-old daughter.

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2008-05-20 10:23:01 / Rating: 447.75 /

Why did you have to name it "New Folder"?

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2008-05-13 11:59:56 / Rating: 600.5 /


It was only after I shattered the chocolate heart that I wondered if allegories worked outside of literary works.

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2008-02-22 16:09:16 / Rating: 750.25 /


Her text simply read, "We're getting married."

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2007-11-30 13:39:00 / Rating: 396.25 /


In less than 24 hours, I found out he constantly dropped ecstasy, cheated on me by sleeping with his cousin's 15 year old best friend, fooled around with his best friend's sister, and that everything I knew in this world from the man I was ready to marry was a lie.

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2007-11-24 18:30:56 / Rating: 923.25 /

MJ Hawk

I asked him twice to get mustard, but he drove away from the window without even bothering.

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2007-07-06 09:52:18 / Rating: 654.5 /


Finally, he decided that he didn't love me anymore, so I guess all I can do is to become a good hindi speaking exiled particle physicist.

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2007-07-05 12:28:25 / Rating: 627.25 /

Fine Girl

Nine years after he married me and twenty one months after he broke my heart, he sent me flowers while he was on vacation with his new girlfriend.

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2007-06-20 14:26:58 / Rating: 530.75 /


She's ruined half of my music library for me.

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2007-06-07 12:42:38 / Rating: 3039.25 /


As I stood outside watching my breath merge with the cold air and starlight, I realized that he will never need me as much as I need him to need me.

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2007-04-25 15:54:45 / Rating: 1205.25 /


I didn't cry when my grandma died so I refuse to let myself cry because of anything else.

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2007-04-16 12:43:19 / Rating: 743.25 /


I lied and told him, "I believe in God," in order to make him love me.

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2007-04-11 10:39:54 / Rating: 618.5 /

Phil E.

As I was carrying heavy furniture across the room with my father, I realized that physical pain does not bother me when my heart is broken.

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2007-04-10 16:10:32 / Rating: 562.5 /

All of the Above

I counted every single day of our relationship, then one day I realized I had been counting down all along.

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2007-03-30 09:39:36 / Rating: 716.75 /


He was going to wipe the tear away, but his touch burnt me, especially after I told him my boyfriend hadn't done that for over a month.

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2007-02-12 12:32:22 / Rating: 541 /


I tried, once, to tell you to be my boyfriend, but then you asked me, "How?"

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2007-02-12 12:32:12 / Rating: 576.5 /


I told him that I would have become a citizen of Iran for him and then I changed my mind.

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2006-12-21 14:51:37 / Rating: 633.25 /


I've been waiting all day for you to call and apologize so I could hang up on you.

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2006-12-05 09:37:54 / Rating: 722.75 /


One of the worst feelings in the world is when you realize you weren't really paranoid after all.

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2006-10-24 10:24:29 / Rating: 1025.75 /


He said he loved me, but left me for another girl, only to try and win me back again.

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2006-10-11 14:19:32 / Rating: 580.25 /

DarkSoul Sister

We had been broken up a month when I learned he married another women while we were together.

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2006-10-03 10:48:34 / Rating: 673.75 /


Even though she very nearly destroyed me when she dumped me without a word, twenty three years later I let her do it again.

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2006-10-01 14:19:54 / Rating: 661.5 /