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new found family

The day her mother told me she loved me and would always be there for me, was the same day my own mother said I disgusted her to her very soul.

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2014-03-03 09:19:32 / Rating: 146 /

Night Thief

I called my dad from my dorm to bitch about my dvd player not working only to be told that my home was on fire.

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2011-01-27 15:51:30 / Rating: 573 /


In a crowded college dorm with four of us to a two-person room, I felt like I had a place, while in the three-story house I reluctantly call home, I know there's no room for me.

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2010-03-23 16:11:18 / Rating: 749.5 /


As I listened to a conversation between hippies on the 71 bus to Haight Street, I realized that I'm one of the "housies" that they so vehemently spoke of and wondered if I'd be happier as one of them, in grungy overalls, wearing dreads full of clay beads.

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2010-01-14 11:09:05 / Rating: 370.75 /

Steampunk Wench

It's nice to know that no matter where I go and how long I'm gone for, my mother will always arrange my dolls in random sexual positions as a 'welcome home' surprise.

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2009-12-30 09:06:29 / Rating: 898.5 /


When I went downstairs to use the internet I found my father passed out drunk in front of the computer, so I blogged over top of him.

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2009-06-14 17:37:38 / Rating: 609.25 /


I just realized after looking at the photos in the "sold" listing of my foreclosed home, I forgot my soap dispenser in the bathroom when I moved out.

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2009-04-30 10:07:01 / Rating: 504 /


We bought a house last week but we haven't told our friends or family.

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2008-03-21 17:06:54 / Rating: 680.75 /

Amelia Larson

Odd how when I was released from jail, the slammer seemed more like home than my permanent residence ever had.

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2007-10-11 11:16:20 / Rating: 492.25 /


The fact that I do more work than I need to to avoid going home makes me realize I need to get away for good.

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2007-09-21 15:19:48 / Rating: 688 /


While sitting on the pot at work, it occurred to me how much I enjoy playing under the door games with my cat when I'm doing the same thing at home.

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2007-07-23 13:21:12 / Rating: 643.5 /

The guy wearing the bowler hat

From the moment I saw a spoon inexplicably dangling from the roof by a plastic cable, the gigantic rhododendrons in the front yard, and the wood paneling on the basement apartment's walls, I knew that this would be my new home.

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2007-07-11 12:57:57 / Rating: 422.25 /

Briar Rose

I'm currently in search of a reasonably priced flight to New York City from the Lower Saxony Region of Germany (as of now they're in the thousands due to things like terror, G8 and Live Earth).

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2007-07-10 14:20:00 / Rating: 509.5 /


I got home and saw her wearing something slinky at the top of the stairs.

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2007-03-20 16:39:56 / Rating: 425 /


I woke up smiling in our bed today, and realized that I haven't felt so at home since I was at least a couple feet shorter than I am now.

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2007-02-27 09:32:58 / Rating: 455.25 /

Lula Belle

At 24, I look around my old bedroom in my parent's house and wonder how I ended up here again.

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2006-10-22 01:32:29 / Rating: 675.75 /


Arriving home after sitting in traffic for two hours, I said to myself, "Oh, wait, I don't live here anymore."

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2006-09-14 20:18:39 / Rating: 3058.5 /