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To My Mother

I was dumbstruck when she advised me the best way to cope with being raped, was to never talk about it again.

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2011-07-11 08:54:26 / Rating: 502.75 /


I came out to my family over 6 years ago and the most painful reaction came from my father who said, "I thought you were smarter than that."

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2010-01-22 09:14:03 / Rating: 499.25 /


Unlikely activities where I've hurt myself: sitting down at a desk, getting up from a desk, getting in a car, playing guitar, using a broom.

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2009-07-21 09:56:53 / Rating: 475.75 /


I hugged your mom and your girlfriend at your funeral, but when your family bashed me in your eulogy I instantly wished I hadn't.

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2009-02-06 14:17:24 / Rating: 620.75 /


Note to self: asking "Why am I wet and why does my ass hurt?" after being hypnotized in Vegas usually means a lot of fun was had at your expense.

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2008-06-23 13:21:19 / Rating: 463 /


Until I heard the words "Yes, her name is Lane," I didn't know his infidelity would hurt me so much.

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2008-05-21 09:36:33 / Rating: 629.5 /


Part of me wants help, but that part is so small the only thing I'm willing to do is be anonymously cryptic on a website none of my family visits.

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2008-04-30 15:03:45 / Rating: 591.75 /


Every time I spend a dollar of the 15 grand indemnification I got after the accident, my knee actually hurts.

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2007-11-26 12:38:46 / Rating: 501.25 /


One of the worst feelings comes along with seeing your dog dying in the middle of the road after you accidently ran over her.

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2007-06-26 16:55:05 / Rating: 897.5 /


I only flirted with him so much because I knew that you were in the corner, watching me over her shoulder.

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2007-06-11 16:23:19 / Rating: 616.5 /


When I was 5 and knew it all, I stubbornly ignored my dad's guidance, but then the stick in my eye incident shut me up for a while.

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2007-06-04 11:34:51 / Rating: 602.75 /

A kid

Maybe I was wrong, but your "I love you" felt more heartfelt when you thought I was addicted.

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2007-03-16 13:43:12 / Rating: 877.25 /

Ruben C.

She tore out my heart, yet still on Christmas morning I received a cheerful message from her as if nothing had happened.

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2006-12-30 13:53:55 / Rating: 620.75 /


I've been waiting all day for you to call and apologize so I could hang up on you.

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2006-12-05 09:37:54 / Rating: 721.75 /