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Seattle Driver

As I kept my foot firmly on the brake while my car slid down the icy hill, I found it interesting that a stop sign was literally going to stop my car.

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2011-07-01 12:34:41 / Rating: 710.5 /


UPS called to notify me that the chains for my tires to get me through the ice storm would not be delivered yet due to adverse weather conditions.

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2011-02-01 10:49:27 / Rating: 747.75 /

Miss Delaney

In the middle of my fifth winter, I slipped and fell and cracked my head open on a set of cement stairs because I thought the paint on the railings was wet.

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2009-12-04 08:58:15 / Rating: 547 /


As I fell through the ice on Lake Michigan staring at the morning sun, I realized my night of revelry had made me feel invincible (and I wasn't).

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2007-06-21 09:58:21 / Rating: 553.25 /